O’Connor: Halo 5’s XB1X Texture Upgrade “Very Much Like Forge”; Halo MCC Update Handled By 343i Team

343 Industries’ Frank O’Connor has revealed some additional details about the upcoming Xbox One X Halo 5 and Halo MCC updates.

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Kavorklestein152d ago

Hopefully it all makes for a nice improvement when the time comes.

SirCharles152d ago

Coming from someone who has played it on pc, it will. Forge looks so much crisper than h5 on x1. You're in for a treat.

152d ago
Trekster_Gamer152d ago

Can't wait to play on Xbox One Scorpio!

Valkron1152d ago

Glad I waited till it was done right!

Trekster_Gamer152d ago

Maybe multiplayer but single player was an absolute blast throughout!

EmperorDalek152d ago

Oh cool, didn't realize MCC was getting upgraded

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