'Until Dawn' headlines this month's horrific PS Now additions

Two years later and Sony finally got the timing right for PlayStation 4's choose-your-own-horror adventure Until Dawn. The Hayden-Panettiere-starring interactive movie is perfect for Halloween frights, and if you're a PlayStation Now subscriber, you can play it, well, now.

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Kribwalker191d ago (Edited 191d ago )

great opportunity for PC players and psnow subscribers to try out my favourite ps4 game of the generation, just in time for halloween too

gangsta_red191d ago

Very nice addition to the library. I also suggest anyone who doesn't own a PS4 but does have a PC to try this game because it is definitely one of the stand out hits for PS4.

Kribwalker191d ago

definitely. you could even use a free trial on your pc and easily beat the game

M_Prime191d ago

You guys all forgot the fact that Until Dawn was a free PS+ game a few months back? Adding it to PS Now is not as good as having it free on PS+. Its a good game but I don't care for PS Now, PS+ is better in my eyes and Sony should have saved it. However it is a good time to play it and since its in my library i may as well replay it with different choices. Too many people died in my last game.

Kribwalker191d ago (Edited 191d ago )


you don’t need a gaming rig to play PSnow games on PC. that’s the beauty of it. my Shadow of a pc, a 5 year old work laptop, could play them, as long as my internet is decent.
My kid has got a decent gaming laptop, looking to upgrade his video card for christmas, but me i like to play games on my couch with a controller in hand, PCs not really my style, but i have a ps4 anyways so there’s no point in using psnow for me, but those that don’t have a PS4, PSnow would be a great way to play more and more (as they get added) PS4 exclusives without needing one.
Good Knight

MegamanXXX191d ago

Tbh I Wasn't talking about you but I do agree with what you said. Never played Until Dawn but it must be an old game if it's on PlayStation now.

ONESHOTV2190d ago

MegamanXXX----- what ??how do you know. are you going to tell me I don't have a high-end rig ??

Liqu1d190d ago

Apparently PS Now is a great service now for some.

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EatCrow190d ago

Same. Its my favourite ps4 game followed by ratchet remaster and bloodborne

Lime123185d ago

I would like to play it but I hate 720p streaming.I prefer to play Xbox One "exclusives" in superior quality on PC

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TheHorseTamer191d ago

This is great news indeed. Now more people can experience this cult classic PS4 game. We are beginning to see more and more PS4 titles on Now, which could result in more subscribers to the service.

StifflerK191d ago

Excellent game and it's the perfect time of year to play it!
I'd highly recommend it.

191d ago
SilverDemon191d ago

I wonder how well ps now is doing? Do you think we'll see games like horizon zero Dawn on it or will it shut down before that happens?

whiteblue191d ago

Maybe in some years, it would be bad for sony to put new first party titles on the ps now.

ONESHOTV2190d ago

whiteblue---- how is it bad if they are making money from it?? what you don't want one of your toys being played with by other people? manchild sony doesn't give one sh--t about you they only want your money so wise up

whiteblue190d ago

You are very stupid if you think they will put a AAA first party game released in 2017 on the ps now.

SilverDemon190d ago

It would negatively affect ps4 sales. First party Exclusives meant to sell the console. If you can get them without getting ps4. They would fail thier goal.

All those petition for ps4 Exclusives to come to other platfroms means that Sony's strategy is working and those are the proof

The fact that we see less xbox Exclusives petitions means that less people are interested in those games which mean less people are interested in xbox one and we can clearly see that in the sales

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