Revisiting: 'The Last of Us' (2013)

Join Screen Critics as we take a look back at one of the most important video games of recent years - 2013's The Last of Us.

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AspiringProGenji442d ago (Edited 442d ago )

4 yeas later it is still a masterpiece in my opinion. MP is still alive. Can't wait for TLoU 2!

N8442d ago

My favorite MP of all time and one of my favorite games all time . I'm still one of those MP players who still play

Knushwood Butt441d ago

Too right.

The fact that Edge didn't call this as best game of all time says a lot.

Nyxus442d ago

One of the best games of all time.

UltraNova442d ago

Right when I thought no game would evet make me react to it like I did when I was a teenager, there came single handedly reignited my passion for 'serious' story driven games.

To say I can't wait to play Chapter 2 is the understatement of the century.

Lovable442d ago

This is the only game that stand beside P5 in my book. It really is a masterpiece.

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