Dragon's Crown's most controversial character gets a new figure

Orchid Seed is a funny company. When Dragon's Crown came out in 2013, a few figure makers announced that they would be picking up the property. Around that time, Orchid Seed announced their very own Sorceress figure. And then, a whole lot of nothing happened...

As the years wore on, MegaHouse released their Dragon's Crown lineup. Max Factory, belatedly, released their Sorceress figure. People started to think Orchid Seed's version was just going to wind up in their large pile of abandoned projects. But now the truth is revealed. They had known all along that Dragon's Crown Pro was on the way, and timed this pre-order accordingly!

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Activemessiah60d ago

"questionable anatomical traits" Last I check it's a video game character... nobody ever asks how Kirby can devour everything in existence and remain the same size... silly.

Army_of_Darkness60d ago

Kirby is not attractive, therefore it can swallow everything and everyone and nobody will care lmfao! This witch however, different story even though it shouldn't matter cause its a damn video game character! -_-

rainslacker59d ago

Bulimia is a serious issue among young dinosaurs.

Lamboomington60d ago

"However that also means some questionable anatomical traits - artist George Kamitani must not know where nipples go. But it's all in good fun, being a stylized fantasy character."

You just took that out of context completely. Come on...

OB1Biker59d ago

Saying its all in good fun doesn't mean its OK to 'question' the characters appearance or the artist knowledge of human anatomy.

Activemessiah59d ago

It wasn't generally a shot at the article itself... but those set of words are the reason why this was deemed "controversial... those were the words used when the game first came out.. probably by a dude who was "outraged" just so he could get into a girl's panties. These white knights are the worst I swear.

Radiozero59d ago

Don't you think it's kinda a strawman to likin a super cartoony non-human character to a human styled character?

Godmars29060d ago

Thought that was the amazon because... she's extra thick.

Eonjay60d ago

What a fantastic statue!

FullmetalRoyale59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

A very nice bust of that character should be available soon.


Miss_Weeboo60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

I though they changed the shape of her body. The game is quite boring in my opinion, idk Why. I love Tower of Doom and Shadow over Mystara, but I guess you just can't get back the old magic

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The story is too old to be commented.