10 most anticipated games of 2018

MWEB GameZone writes: "The 10 games coming out in 2018 that are already on the top of our wishlist."

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CP_Company420d ago

for me personally,it is a shitte list up until now:
1.Red Dead Redemption 2
2.God Of War
3.Days Gone
4.Metro Exodus
5.Yakuza 6
6.Code Vein
7.Spider Man
9.System Shock

Razzer420d ago

The list is ok. The order is shit. Spider Man at number 7? lol

smolinsk420d ago

I wouldn't put spider man instead of any of his top 4 ones, so i would say the list is fine as it is:)

OB1Biker420d ago

Indeed. Spider man is in top 3 for me. Also need to see RDR2 game play even if it's in top 5 right now

stonecold3420d ago

no no kuni 2 god of war spiderman rdr2 metro days gone vampyr final fantasy dissidia shenmue 3 final fantasy remake and shadow of colossus

coolastheycome420d ago

Metroid Prime 4 and Pokemon Switch!

Nacho_Z420d ago

God of War and Red Dead are the two definites with Anthem and The Crew on the interested but wait and see pile.