5 Games That Changed Drastically During Development

Video games often go through many trial and errors during their developmental period.

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FallenAngel1984428d ago

Also don't forget Conker's Bad Fur Day or Star Fox Adventures

Asuka428d ago

yeah. FFXV is essentially a different game than what was originally conceived. The characters are about the same is all. I believe it was even considered to be a musical very early on but was rejected.

TheHan428d ago (Edited 428d ago )

Don't forget Halo it was originally gonna be created as a RTS game but because of Microsoft it became a Successful FPS for the launch of the OG Xbox. Though Halo Wars was born later on it also grew and has a strong Fan base.

richmoral428d ago

Personally I think Resident Evil 4 would of been better than Resident Evil 2 for this list.

Resident Evil 4 Original GamePlay.

VanSky427d ago

Resident Evil 3.5 is plenty of creepy, but remember Resident Evil 1.5 didn't have Claire Redfield. Without Claire, there's no Code Veronica or Revelations 2.