Obsidian were in talks to develop Prey 2 before it got rebooted by Arkane

From GameWatcher: "A few days ago we wrote about Obsidian's cancelled Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs prequel and how it directly led to the loss of the Alpha Protocol IP, which is why there won't be an Alpha Protocol 2. But it's by no means the only game Obsidian have failed to make. Obsidian have had many cancelled games, but possibly the most interesting is that they applied to Bethesda to continue development of the promising-looking bounty hunter-focused Prey 2, before it went to Arkane. Details below."

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CrimsonWing69453d ago

I really wanted that Blade Runner looking bounty hunter version that was scrapped. Not that it was remotely anything like the original but I liked that setting and look. This new one never hooked me like I was hoping it would. It's decent though, but I can't help but think what Prey 2 would've been like...

New-Breed453d ago

Did you ever read the story outline and plot twist for Prey 2 that Eurogamer uncovered earlier this year? It made its cancellation hurt even more.

CrimsonWing69453d ago

Man, I didn't but from the sound of things it's probably better that I didn't.