EA: Player happiness, not revenue, is our number one metric of success

Just as EA has announced Battlefield 1’s new competitive mode, Incursions, EVP of global publishing Laura Miele has told MCV that the publisher’s continued focus on live services has “shifted the entire company.”

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Apocalypse Shadow357d ago

I agree. I can confirm and reaffirm that EA are liers.

TFJWM355d ago

Can't confirm if they are liers or not, but they have been trying to be more "consumer friendly"

Eonjay355d ago

Not really... ultimately a higher NPS will equal more money. It just like... when the hell did they decide this... after Mass Effect and damn near killing Respawn or after a decade of NBA Live? I think she is right to pursue NPS over cash but it is so hard to take her seriously...

Erik7357356d ago

They ran Sims and Crysis to the ground one of my favorite franchises

PapaBop355d ago (Edited 355d ago )

Exactly.. "Wouldn't it be awesome if we severely limited the size of cities in favour of making it a more connected experience and force it to be online only" - No Sim City fan ever.

InTheLab355d ago

And Medal of Honor! Remember how awesome Airborne was with weapons that upgraded with experience and challenges and open maps you could drop in anywhere to complete several objectives?

Nah... let's dumb it down to CoD levels. For the players!

Christopher356d ago

It really is a lie. What they mean is that their goal is player happiness as long as it doesn't affect the bottom line.

_-EDMIX-_356d ago

Well....yes. Such a thing can be stated about all companies or most anyway.

EA has at least corrected many things, like them giving free DLC for BF4 before BF1 came out or giving free DLC for the life of Battlefront 2 or Titanfall 2.

Clearly their goal is money, they are a business, but EA we can say at least it trying to turn themselves around in terms of perception and in terms of actions.

Christopher355d ago

***Well....yes. Such a thing can be stated about all companies or most anyway. ***

Well, yeah. But not every business lies and says their customers are more important than revenue. Not sure what the point of your reply is unless you ignored their direct reference to revenue. All those things you mentioned are responses to the competition where users benefited, that's just how it works (or doesn't in the case of Titanfall).

peppeaccardo355d ago

So said the company that has won "Worst Company of the year" for 99 years in a row !

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AspiringProGenji357d ago

Mass Effect Andromeda: player depression.

Pandamobile357d ago

Roughly translated from naked corporate PR talk, they probably are referring to player engagement. Player engagement is the new marketshare for publishers vying for consumers' precious free time.

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