A Comparison of Xbox 2017 against 2007 at Retail

Jason Stettner of Gamerheadquarters writes; "With the delay of Crackdown 3 and hopefully the finalization of Xbox releases in 2017, I thought it would be fair to compare the current lackluster state of the platform to how it was ten years prior."

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FallenAngel1984250d ago

Microsoft definitely had a better first party lineup a decade ago.

It's a good thing they finally dropped that cringey "Best Lineup in Xbox History" tagline when comparisons like these prove otherwise.

Aenea249d ago

They now have "best launch lineup ever" and then name Forza, 2 Indies and an Early Access console exclusive followed by talking about all the 3rd party games coming out...

Wit that idea the PS4 Pro probably had a better launch lineup :)

Obscure_Observer248d ago (Edited 248d ago )


Lol. No. According to Digital Foundry, PS4 Pro had ZERO PS4 Pro enhanced games at launch.

Plus. You said (according to your Crystal Ball) the Xbox One X would launch with a SHORT list of Xbox One X enhanced titles. Hmm... the console will be release in 3 months and... look at list of Xbox One X enhanced games, NOW!

Nice try though. ;)

Obscure_Observer248d ago


Lol. My mistake. Completely forgot about Tomb Raider and Infamous. Both awesome enhanced PS4 Pro launch tilles. It´s 45 launch titles, so, i apologise.

Still, Xbox One X has 80+ titles confirmed to be Xbox One X enhanced, by the time that it actually launchs, there´re will more than DOUBLE titles enhanced for the X in comparisson with the Pro. ;)

Aenea248d ago


There better be more indeed, developers have had way, way more time to prepare for it. Besides, in this regard the Pro might actually have helped the One X in the same way that the One X will also now help the Pro with the number of mid-gen enhanced games...

And what ever I've said about a short list was about NATIVE 4k titles, a list which is currently still very, very short. And no, most of the One X enhanced games are not native 4k or no one actually knows (besides the devs) yet...

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slate91249d ago

Bring back shadowrun fps from 2007!

skycaptin5249d ago

It's currently backwards compatible and even has a Discord group that's dedicated to it which is nice

slate91249d ago

Nice thanks for the info. I didnt know there was a discord group for it. I have it for bc already

slate91249d ago

Wouldnt be anything to just remake the fps. Then they can bring in a whole new rpg in the universe!

Godmars290249d ago

Shouldn't have been anything to remake Phantom Dust, a new one, yet that didn't happen.

Max-Zorin249d ago

Xbox need a new boss. Soon as Phil took over, all he did was cancel games, close studios, and kiss Sony's ass. All 8th generation, he over congratulated Sony, and did nothing for the Xbox brand. He need to go back to the circle of Hell, he escaped from.

ThinkThink249d ago

I disagree, I think he's doing a fantastic job. But then again, I'm a fan of the xbox brand (and sony & nintendo).

thekhurg249d ago

I don't think he's done that well. But at least he put xbox games on PC. So I'm good.

GamingCentaur249d ago

No one can save Xbox. It’s up to Sony to mess up.

Godmars290249d ago

They need total restructuring. More openness to more than just FPS and online, even if such is more profitable than SP titles.