The Video Game Crash of 1983

In the early 1980s, video games were big business. Groups like Atari, Magnavox, Mattel, and Coleco all had consoles on the market, and sales grew at a fever pitch. Unfortunately, the industry collapsed in 1983 and nearly killed video games altogether. Thankfully, the industry was able to rebound and today stands stronger than ever.

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FallenAngel1984369d ago

What a time it was for there to be a lot of console manufacturers existing at a time.

PhoenixUp369d ago

Atari originally could've saved itself if it had distributed NES as the Nintendo Advanced Video Gaming System in North America like they originally negotiated with Nintendo.

The deal was set to be finalized and signed at CES in June 1983. However, Atari discovered at that show that its competitor Coleco was illegally demonstrating its Coleco Adam computer with Nintendo's Donkey Kong game. This violation of Atari's exclusive license with Nintendo to publish the game for its own computer systems delayed the implementation of Nintendo's game console marketing contract with Atari. Atari's CEO Ray Kassar was fired the next month, so the deal went nowhere, and Nintendo decided to market its system on its own.

Ironically Nintendo itself would soon later become familiar with spurring a potential business partner at CES, only for that business partner to market its own system and become a bigger deal in the console industry.

GrimDragon368d ago

lol I still remember the wtf face I had when I played E.T.

JackBNimble368d ago

Lol ... So do I, I never could figure out what was going on and what I was supposed to do.

Worst game ever

Relientk77368d ago

I still play every now and then for laughs

Falling in those pits gets annoying fast though

uth11368d ago

It was the first game i got with my 2600. It was not hard to figure out..

It doesnt deserve worst game ever, not when there are worse, more perplexing games on the same platform, like the Swordquest series

AmUnRa368d ago

Yeah i know that time, i have been gaming from 1978 till now and still gaming.
Pong was my first game, and i remember a lot of games....

I have a memory about some bad games, bud one was much worse than bad, it was a any of you remember that ET game??
No wonder they burried hunderd of thousands off ET cartridges under the ground😂😂

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