Casey Hudson is Back at BioWare

Today on The Xbox Dive, Chris and James talk about Casey Hudson’s return to BioWare and what that means for the future of Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Anthem, and Star Wars.

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JonnS144d ago

Now if MS / EA can discuss making Anthem a full Exclusive for Xbox one X , everything would be great .

InTheZoneAC144d ago

Not only would you be limiting sales tremendously, you would be going against the few MS fans that just have a One.

That's like suggesting the Dreamcast get a full blown AAA exclusive, bad business and it's not going to happen.

If it went exclusive it would need to be PC or PS4, no other scenario would be best for anyone.

JonnS144d ago

My apologies should have stated Xbox family of devices .....

Why can't Xbox get this unknown IP as an exclusive , see no reason for it needing to be on other devices .
Those other device executives don't worry about consumers of other platforms when they negotiate deals for their platforms . Yet when an Xbox consumer as myself suggest that Xbox get a game exclusive to it platform , everyone lose their minds .
Yet its all fine when other platforms do so , yet bad mouth when MS does it seem a bit like a massive double standard . Seeing how this game is not set to release till 2018 here's to MS getting a full on exclusive deal done .

neolego144d ago

What, so the only scenario that would be "best" for someone is that it's PS4 or PC exclusive?! How does that make any doesn't. Also, comparing the Xbox One X to the Dreamcast is almost laughable.

Exclusives are bad, period. They only help platform holders and baby fanboys. Everyone else in the equation loses.

I would not want Anthem to be exclusive because I want BioWare to make money and to keep the series going, the more money it makes, the better the future installments can be. However, if Microsoft could work out a marketing deal, similar to what Playstation has with Destiny, that could be cool. Exclusive levels or DLC or something like that.

InTheZoneAC144d ago

I think instead of worrying about Xbox getting an actual exclusive you should ask why you even have an Xbox. No need to get mad at my opinion or logic. Xbox is at the bottom of the food chain and have a pretty bad history of support. That is all

TheColbertinator144d ago

Great idea. Anthem will be a much bigger success then.

Fearmonkey144d ago (Edited 144d ago )

New IP make good exclusives, but limiting a massive seller like Anthem to one console would be a big mistake financially. This is the next big game from the original Mass Effect Team, and has great expectations. Even if Massive Money is thrown at it by MS, EA would lose out BIG over time. MS needs new IP badly, but not a pre-announced game with big expectations.

JonnS144d ago (Edited 144d ago )

@InTheZoneAC its the platform I prefer also am not mad , just annoyed at the double standard that goes on .

@neolego MS has made many deals but its time they use their money to own and build the portfolio of IPs & in-house studios , than waste money on lame timed crap .

neolego143d ago

I just don't think 3rd party exclusives games are Microsoft's focus anymore. I think we will see more 1st party content in the coming years, but Phil has said in several interviews that he would not want to exclude games from any fans. To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised in Halo shows up on Playstation at some point in the future!

JonnS143d ago (Edited 143d ago )

@neolego was about to have a change of heart on the Anthem game but hell no to Chief ever appearing on that platform.
First off Chief is pretty much Xbox , second hell no again . Third rather the Halo IP be buried in the bowels of Microsoft office at Redmond WA .

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thatguyhayat143d ago

Hopefully he can restore their reputation. Now we need a jade empire 2. Xbox needs that game to happen

neolego143d ago

Oh man, I LOVE Jade Empire. I really do hope we get a sequel at some point.

thatguyhayat143d ago

Yeah it was my most loved xbox game. Story, battle everything with that game was top notch