Love it or hate it, it sounds like Mario Kart's Blue Shell is here to stay

It is, almost without doubt, one of the most infuriating things that can happen to you in games.

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hengst2404302d ago

Never been a fan of something that seeks to punish somebody for winning. Seems like a 9th place trophy to me.

Michiel1989302d ago

There are various ways to dodge it. Learn them and you have a decent chance of not getting hit.
(not sure if they changed that on the Switch version)

ninsigma302d ago

Various?? I'm only aware of one. Teach me! XD

Michiel1989302d ago

perfectly timedMushroom, some boost/jump pads on some maps. The horn obv. U can go drive 2nd and let the other guy take the hit (this strategy is higly underrated imo, saved my ass many times).

Not sure if firehopping can dodge it for u, dont think so.

Nintendew302d ago (Edited 302d ago )

Slamming on breaks is a great way to dodge a blue shell, except when the 2nd place person does it as well.....
If so, I drive into them so blue shell hits them as well.

Mushrooms sometimes I can dodge blue shell IF I have a mushroom to use.

1more, get hit by item just before blue shell hits you, cancels out blue shell blast. Had it happen to me couple times last week. ( switch version )

Miss fake cube still......

Uken12302d ago

Honestly people need to stop complaining about this item. It isn't the problem with MK8 by any means. 1st player always pulls off, not because they are better than everyone else.

It stalls 1st place as much as a red/green shell does, they made it so you can try to hit the player behind you as you get hit. It happens often.

What sucks is getting caught in the middle mayhem, it makes it annoying and not based on skill. Middle players are getting hammered with shells while 1st place is getting banana's tossed at them. That isn't skill based.

The blue shell isn't nearly as bad as lightning btw.

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cpayne93302d ago

Mario Kart isn't really meant to be a balanced competitive game. Its just fun and wacky mostly.

MrBrofist302d ago

As long as they keep the Super Horn as a way to counter,I'm good

Mr Marvel302d ago

There needs to be an option to turn it off.

wonderfulmonkeyman302d ago (Edited 302d ago )

IIRC, you can turn items off completely in friend lobbies. or even limit items to shells, bombs, or bananas only...

Michiel1989301d ago

on the wii u it was only preset items, so you couldnt customize it. u had bomb and banana mode and 2 more or something

ninsigma302d ago

I don't mind it but it should be limited to racers who are in a position to capitalise on it. What's the point in the guy in last place using it?? It won't make a difference to them. Guys in 4th and 5th however would be in a good position to make use of it, especially if the first few guys are bunched together.

MrBrofist302d ago

If anything the Lightning bolt pisses me off more.
MK8 making good jumps then getting zapped and falling into a pit loosing my place made me rage so many damn times till it's not even funny

ninsigma302d ago

Yeah that can be a real pain, right when you're gaining momentum 😂

wonderfulmonkeyman302d ago

Eh, it only pissed me off right up until the moment it was my turn to do the zapping...XD

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