This Fanmade Final Fantasy XV Netflix Trailer Is Shockingly Good

Youtube user Zubabuzu created this glorious fake trailer for a non existent Final Fantasy XV Netflix series. Now we wish it did exist.

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Soulst0rmer519d ago

It's not shocking. When you give things to fans, the property is treated right. Fan made things many time surpass the original creator.

DragonKnight519d ago

Which is why Nintendo hates everything fan made.

rainslacker518d ago

Final fantasy in general usually has really good fan made trailers. Sometimes they're usually better than anything that Square Enix produces.

519d ago
Chaosdreams519d ago

I always enjoy fan made content. That said, it's often bittersweet.

Germ_the_Nobody519d ago

Thanks for the share. Sub'd to this guy now. He makes great trailers.

FFXV is a disgrace to the series but the trailer is amazing.

X-23519d ago (Edited 519d ago )

Ardyn ... this guy ... I love'em. What's more to say? Good trailer, it makes me want to revisit the series.

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