10 Other Games to Play if You Can't Get Enough of Life Is Strange

Other titles with choices, coming-of-age stories, and west coast vibes.

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biblesosus491d ago

Some great choices here! I loved the last few episodes of Life is Strange.

V0MIT_M0NSTER491d ago

Can't wait for the next LiS!

Meyers09490d ago

Guess I should finally play Life is Strange

xX1NORM1Xx490d ago

Nothing can top life is strange for me played it recently and it became my new favourite game

FullmetalRoyale490d ago

For me, LiS hit me in such a way that so very few experiences(not just games) have done.
But if you have an itch for that type of gameplay, but maybe don't feel like getting destroyed again, gotta go with Until Dawn.

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