Introducing the new Glacier White PS4 Pro Destiny 2 bundle

Get a copy of Destiny 2 plus expansion pack and premium digital content along with PlayStation console.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima193d ago

Beautiful. This should move some PS4 Pro’s.

thekhurg193d ago

White electronics are hideous...

thekhurg193d ago


I guess I am when it comes to my electronics.

Neonridr193d ago

They certainly stand out in a sea of black things.

RosweeSon193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

Yeah I'm not a fan of white consoles Xbox 360 was my most recent and probably last my house is pretty dusty and smoke get so dirty. Silver gold Green some other funky custom design any day of the week but good to see them bringing some different colours for the Pro console... just need to bang a 2TB drive in as standard and they are on to a winner.
Different game would help me as well as wouldn't want a destiny bundle with a pretty basic console that'll likely get released on its own as well. Limited edition God of war console yes please.

InTheZoneAC193d ago

If you have a white interior then it matches, but I can never break away from my blacked out theme with furniture/electronics

FITgamer193d ago

Agreed. Also damn near impossible to keep clean. Especially living in the desert.

Orpheo192d ago

To each their own. I'm tired of black electronics. Had a black Sega Genesis, Sega CD, PS2, PSP, PS3, & Vita. Give me a red system. I'm still tempted to track down a GoW red PSP even though I'd hardly use it.

2pacalypsenow192d ago

The Xbox 360 was a beautiful machine in White

Artemidorus192d ago

You have the power of options. Amazing isn't it??

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pinkcrocodile75193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

The white colour PS4 Pro yes I'm sure it will sell a LOT and probably Destiny 2 as well. However for me destiny 2 is dead. Activation and Bungie are NOT forgiven for what they did with Destiny in my book. Now Destiny 2 is inbound and I swear that most people have selective memories.

YES, it looks great but I'd rather wait for the eventual Destiny 2 collection and give Anthem a go instead.

I can definitely see the destiny 2 bundle shifting units but I DO hope that Activision don't see a sales boost but maybe a plateau in comparison to destiny 1. Anything more would give Activision the permission to [email protected] loyal fans again.

This isn't an anti PS rant but an anti Activision b#llsh!t rant. I have to be honest with you guys, I bought Destiny Day One and we were monumentally piss't off especially with what they did with the Taken King. I'd love to give Bungie the benefit of the doubt and probably would but not Activision. Activision can kiss my halo.

Shin-Zantetsuken193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

There will be an inevitable collection next year for D2 but the problem is that the old content will be dead and meaningless by then. I also tried to use that approach with Destiny 1 and waited until Taken King but it just does not works with "service games" unlike regular games. The old content like Vault of Glass, Crota's End, and several exotic gear pieces were just outdated and meaningless by then. Nobody was playing them so I couldn't find a party online to complete the raids. Besides the rewards (weapon/armor) were just weak by new Taken King standards and I could buy better one from a Vendor easily. Everybody was playing the latest content for new gear so I was limited to new content as well.By waiting for a "complete collection" I missed out on all the earlier content.

Service games like Destiny keep getting new content, updates, DLCs, and expansions for years. If you choose to wait for a "complete collection" then you will be waiting for years until a sequel is on the horizon. When you finally buy it after 2 or 3 years , the community would have moved to the sequel and there would be nobody around to play with. If you want to enjoy the game fully then you have no choice but buy at launch and keep buying DLCs... It is bad but comes with the territory when talking about service games.

Anthem is also an always-online service game like Destiny. There are many parallels with Destiny. Bioware has already announced how it is a 10 year project similar to Destiny. It will work the same way as Destiny; never-ending DLCs, expansions, and microtransanctions. So you if you didnt like how Destiny worked, you wont like Anthem either. I dont like it either but with the rise and success of "service games" like Destiny, Overwatch, Division, and Anthem, that is what gaming is turning into. Launch a single game and then keep milking it for money by drip-feeding content to people...

RosweeSon193d ago

Yeah destiny Schmestiny? If it was another game I'd have been slightly interested but yeah gold or silver for me and I'll be upgrading

pinkcrocodile75193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

@Shin-Zantetsuken Sorry dude but you may have missed what the aim of this was.

They launched a shell of a game and charged me £44 for it, there was no story... oh don't get me started.

The bottomline is that it wasn't worth the money what with the DLC on disk drama and the Taken King pricing, it basically gave Activision the freedom to do what they wanted. A lot of gamers like myself thought "Go f#ck yourselves" and dropped it only to pick up the collection at a discount and give it a blast.

Now I understand the content has a certain shelf life but I'm the kind of gamer that goes in for a while and then buggers off and plays something else if it's nothing but grinding or the story is as bad as 50 Shades of Sh!te (that was truly BAD) and so was the story in Destiny's initial release.

As far as I'm concerned Activision screwed the pooch and I'm going to wait a year or so and try their competitor in the form of Anthem. I have a feeling Bioware may have a better story and maybe a more interesting premise than Destiny.

Now I'm sure Bungie has learned their lesson about linear story telling based on what I've seen online and of course the game play looks to have been tweaked a lot and the graphics look great (I assume it's on the PS4 Pro). However they could have sold it with a free spinner-anti-masturbation toy (I don't get the point of those things seriously) and I still wouldn't buy it from Activision.

I will however deny them the money and give it to their competitor on principle. You only get one chance at making a good impression in a lot of peoples books, mine included.

Rude-ro193d ago

People do not have selective memories, they liked the game.
It is a choice.
They did not screw any loyal fans...
They did screw non loyal and casual players that bought the core version of the game by locking them out of weekly activities if they did not buy the dlc. A practice I truly hope does not get repeated.(but will)
The rest, of whatever you are claiming about, is subjective.

pinkcrocodile75193d ago


"People do not have selective memories, they liked the game."

some liked it, some didn't for many different reasons

"It is a choice."

Of course it is, that's why I'm exercising my right and "Choosing" to support Anthem next year instead of Destiny.

"They did not screw any loyal fans... "

Having to buy DLC over and above the season pass for a decent story IS screwing the fans. So is screwing over those that bought it on PS3 and X360. I understand WHY they stopped supporting the previous GEN but the way they did it halfway through the cycle of the game was underhanded.

I don't disagree with some of your argument though I just see it a little differently. Especially stopping support for the previous GEN halfway through the game DLC cycle

rainslacker192d ago

I hate to be one to defend activision, and their ever copious DLC plans for any popular game they release, but I don't see how it's screwing you over if they gave you what you paid for.

I didn't follow the game super closely, but what exactly did they do that took away what was promised with the season pass, and how is it screwing you over when they release additional DLC after that season pass stuff was over.

Honestly, I think they screwed over Xbox players more than the player base as a whole, but that comes from the distasteful timed exclusive crap.

It's your perogative to not want the 2nd game, but you seem to be ranting a lot about something which you never actually define as a problem except that you had to pay for DLC....which was pretty much known from the start.

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Kurisu193d ago

I have the original white PS4 that I got when the original Destiny launched! I didn’t even want the game, but I’m a sucker for white consoles. I won’t be doing the same for the white Pro, I’ll wait until it becomes available as a standalone unit. I need a 4KTV first anyway before I even think about upgrading, hopefully I’ll get my hands on one come Black Friday.

RosweeSon193d ago

Yeah I'm sure it'll be come solo or get bundled in with other games. Like the silver controllers that not have the consoles to go with them etc can't wait to see some more custom Pro consoles.

XanderZane193d ago

Meh.. don't care much for the white version. All my consoles are black right now. What's the price for this bundle? I'll wait for a bundle with a better game. I could care less about Destiny 2. Maybe they will have a Days Gone or God of War PS4 Pro bundle in the future. I'll take one of those instead.

Orpheo192d ago

For people who have yet to get a PlayStation, maybe. For those who already own PS4s, not significantly. It would've been nicer had the console had a design on it like the TTK PS4 (which I bought for that reason).

Mister_G192d ago

Damn! Gonna have to buy a new TV now, a pro would be wasted on my 14 year old telly :)

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ocelot07193d ago

It's a start but this is a little bit lazy. Compare this to the Destiny Taken King console bundle.

S2Killinit193d ago

I'm sure others will follow. But I really like the white PS4 a lot.

UltraNova193d ago

I would trade my OG pro for a Titanium Silver/Grey one in a heartbeat!! Common Sony make it happen!

193d ago
Zeke68193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

@ hvaguy
OG Ps4 Glacier white says hi too ;)
released 12th nov 2014...
Xbox didnt teach Sony how to make glacier white consoles, but nice trolling attempt...

Kribwalker193d ago

OG xbox360 says hi, and so does the dreamcast

Powah1193d ago (Edited 193d ago )


PS2 says hi.

193d ago
Kribwalker193d ago


The dreamcast was released before the ps2 😉

S2Killinit193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

PS1 says hello too then.

PS: So silly of hvaguy to bring white xbox into this in the first place. Like anybody was saying anything about this white PS4Pro being the first ever.

mwjw696192d ago

@S2killinit the PS1 was gray not white... so yea.

NET_Nomad192d ago (Edited 192d ago )

@mwjw696 -- The PS1 was white in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia... So yeah.

TheColbertinator192d ago


If I remember right Australia had a white PS1 also.

S2Killinit192d ago (Edited 192d ago )

There were white PS1s...
so yeah

rainslacker192d ago

Original PC-Engine in Japan was released only in white. Wasn't until the Duo released that it got a black version.

NET_Nomad192d ago

@TheColbertinator -- You're right. Australia had a white PS1 also; but it looked slightly different though...

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Teflon02193d ago

I think it was just a excuse to release the white one. I think after this they'll start customized ones I hope. Though the white looks good

193d ago
Cryptcuzz192d ago

It is just following the trend that started with the original PS4 Destiny 1 bundle (which I have still) I don't think it was an excuse, but more of a tradition.

zivtheawesome193d ago

we will probably see more ps4 pro bundles announced in the coming weeks: battlefront 2, GT SPORT, maybe even COD.

Powah1193d ago

Sexy Beast. PlayStation domination continues.

193d ago