Call Of Duty: Ghosts Is Another Showcase For BC On Xbox One; Stable 60FPS & Fixes Constant Drops

ThisGenGaming says "Many people complained about its inclusion, but it's hard to complain that it isn't one of the best running games on the BC service to date. Here's a comparison look."

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trumpwonstopcrying77d ago

I'm still baffled by their backwards compatibility decisions

brokasfawk75d ago

One game out of 350+?
It's bothering you that much huh?

trumpwonstopcrying75d ago

bothering? no

laughing and confused? yes

let them waste more time with backwards compatibility and less exclusives and hopefully they'll keep losing market share

KillBill75d ago

@trumpwonstopcrying - both PS4 and XB1 have 16 exclusives in their current top 100 games sold. And XB1 has a 1.09 attach rate on those exclusives while PS4 has a 0.79 attach rate. Tell me again about XB1 having an exclusive issue.

PS4 for sure is winning the world numbers on console sold but exclusives for sure have not been the reason for it simply by looking at the numbers.

spicelicka75d ago

Genuinely curious as to what you're baffled about?

extermin8or75d ago

The games available on Xbox one anyway..... That's what is baffling.

spicelicka75d ago



The point is not to resell games, it's to make as many games backwards compatible as possible.

It's redundant sure, but doesn't hurt that it's there. Not like you're being charged.

XStation4pio_Pro75d ago

i disagree but i love your name. lol.

TargusX75d ago

Agreed, where the heck is MW2/MW3 ?? Waiting forever for those :/

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Garethvk76d ago

Worst multiplay in the series and a game that ended on a cliffhanger that the opted not to do a follow up for. Great idea.

rich378376d ago

but COD:Ghost is already on Xbox One. Why would you make a game that is already on the system BC? If you want to do something right, make MW2 and/or MW3 BC.....

spicelicka75d ago

Making MW2 or MW3 BC has nothing to do with Ghosts. They don't just decide it and it magically happens. I'm sure they're pushing for MW2 and MW3, but it's activision's decision to allow the licensing.

It's very likely that MS applied to get BC licenses for all COD games on xbox 360, and activision has only approved certain ones, for whatever reason.

ApexWolf2275d ago

I wouldnt be surprised with an MW2 remaster for IW's next release...that alone would deter them from greenlighting it. By then how many will upgrade if it's already available vs. what crap they did with Infinite. It's all about the $$$

spicelicka75d ago


Exactly. They know no one cares about Ghosts so they approved it without a problem. MW2 will be a money maker so perhaps that's why they're holding off on it.

extermin8or75d ago

They won't as they are clearly have mw2 and mw3 remasters planned at some point in near future.

andrewsquall75d ago

So there is now 1080p COD Ghosts on Xbone now perhaps?

armchairDev75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

Correct me if I'm mistaken, but doesn't the game run at the same resolution as it would on the original xbox 360? Meaning around 600p, upscaled to whatever the xbox one output resolution is, 720p or 1080p? The only difference is the framerate is higher and vsync is always on. Which would mean even the Xbox One version of ghosts was upscaled 1080p as well in the end, so there was always a 1080p ghosts on the system, just not native like the ps4...

ApexWolf2275d ago (Edited 75d ago )

For those who own it digitally I suppose, Ghosts came out at the same time as the PS4\X1. Many people didn't immediately go next-gen so I could see why it might be relevant. I just wish they'd added the Borderlands GoTY Dlc disc to that list...

rainslacker75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

Sounds like the BC version plays better than the X1 version though.

Anyhow, it's cool they did it I guess. Doesn't take anything away from anyone or anything else. Not sure how many people are still playing this game online though.

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Lostbytes76d ago

Shame that COD:Ghosts was arguably the worst COD of all time. (So bad, that the had a upgrade program from one gen to the next, so not to lose payers)

solderman76d ago

Try Red Dead Redemption multiplayer on backwards compatibility if you want a showcase.

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