GamerTM: WipEout HD Review

GamerTM writes: "There are certain moments in gaming that completely define what a given console is about. 360 owners may reference that magical, blood-splattered moment when they chainsawed their first Locust in half, while Wii fans may eagerly reminisce about the uncanny manner in which the Wii Remote was able to replicate their every movement the first time they played Wii Sports. And if we were to pick one such moment for the PS3, then it would almost certainly be WipEout HD.

Yes, there have been many great games released on Sony's machine, but few capture its essence as effectively as WipEout HD does. The first thing you'll notice is how achingly beautiful the game is. In a nutshell, this latest instalment in the WipEout family does its HD billing total justice. It doesn't simply match everything that's gone before it; it blows such titles into the weeds. The raw stats alone – 1080p at 60 frames-per-second, in case you were wondering – tell their own highly impressive tale, but WHD goes deeper than that."

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pompeymassive3701d ago

Just wish more developers would take advantage of the ps3 capabilities ie 60fps and 1080p. Something in which the xbox 360 lacks. If all games had these jaw dropping advantages and gameplay quality then all these 360 fanboys would realise the huge technical advantage the ps3 holds. Developers need to get a grip.