Deadly Premonition is the game worth saving from 2013

RPS writes: "Deadly Premonition, in many respects, is one of the worst games I’ve ever played. The combat is awful, with a three-button aiming system and melee weapons that break after four swings. The sound design essentially consists of the same four or five audio clips on loop for the 25-hour story (I’d recognise that door creak anywhere). The driving is shocking, some of the acting is straight out of your local am-dram class, and the graphics wouldn’t look out of place on something released 15 years prior. To top it all off, the PC port is locked to 720p. Glorious."

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cruxito281d ago

I wanna play this game so bad!!! I wish Sony pick it up and give it to a studio to remastered it.

DeadManMMX281d ago

I just finished platinuming this in PS3. One of the strangest gaming experiences of my life but well worth it.