Scalebound was killed by hype, suggests Xbox boss Phil Spencer

[Phil Spencer] believes that the game could have been announced "too early," causing pressure that in fact was detrimental to the game's development cycle and eventually raised fan expectations to the point where it wasn't certain that the studio could actually deliver.

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Abash281d ago

Phil Spencer: "They'll believe anything I say, anything!" It doesn't matter if I contradict myself, sound ridiculous, or flip fop on everything Xbox stands for whenever its needed, they'll eat it up like they always do!"

He's just a company man, he cares more about making money and looking good to his higher ups more than any fans/customers.

Obscure_Observer281d ago

"he cares more about making money and looking good to his higher ups more than any fans/customers."

That guy is Ryan.

UCForce281d ago

@Obscure_Observer I don't think so.

MrCrabPuss281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

"He's just a company man, he cares more about making money and looking good to his higher ups more than any fans/customers."

Yeah, "just a company man." Really? no kidding.
Its NOT his JOB to invest and risk untold millions of shareholder/company money pandering to whining suckhole children's wants and desires. It IS his JOB in fact to make the company money and be accountable to his "higher-ups" because once again its called a "JOB" and the word "JOB" is synonymous with the word "Business" and the entire point of a business such as this is to............thats right sonny, Make Money.

In summation... JOB-BUSINESS-MONEY

memots281d ago

But what about that Limbo T-shirt !!
Seriously that game was going to fail because of stupid exclusivity to a failing console.
Just look at Recore....

darthv72281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

When they initially announced it, they were under the impression it was progressing to the point it was okay to talk about it.

Time passes, not much is said and then ultimately it gets canceled. This is what he (and sony) are trying to curb in regards to announcing games to early. This one got delayed and delayed and just wasnt where it was supposed to be after all the time and $$ put in.

Shit happens and yes... hype reached a pretty crazy level. Though i dont know which was more. The initial defense of the game (befofe cancelation) by xbox against ps4 fans or all those ps4 fans who came out after it was canceled to express concern over its fate.

Cancelations happen, studios close and it sucks but not nearly as much as that false sense of empathy when it does.

FattyBoy3D281d ago

Take out the words "Phil Spencer" and u pretty much have Sonys business mantra right there and u keep falling for it so go figure

UltraNova281d ago

What happened to good guy gamer loving Phil?

cleft5281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

I am glad not everyone is blind to this reality. When its all said and done, he will have done more harm to the Xbox brand than any other major publisher could have hoped to do. I swear, its like this guy was sent in by Sony.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen280d ago


Neither Jim Ryan or Phil Spencer are your friends. If you believe otherwise, see the "Console Launch Exclusive" banner.

Godmars290280d ago


Thing is the guy regularly addresses those " pandering and whining suckhole children" and does exactly that. Pander.

choujij280d ago

He's been drinking his own kool-aid for far too long.


Thats what Phil Spinster does best!

Brohan280d ago

Lol again another person who doesn't know wtf their talking about.

IamTylerDurden1280d ago


Ok. We know it's his "JOB" but are u really excusing all the bs?

To blame the fans for killing Scalebound bc they were excited about it?

To consistently put down the competition saying Pro is not true 4K while mocking checkerboard and dynamic 4K only to be using it yourself in the xboneX. Anthem is checkerboard 4K on xboneX and AC Origins is DYNAMIC Resolution. Also, Metro was running on a high powered pc.

To mock the competition as not True 4K while your definition of 4K Ultra HD aka true 4K includes checkerboard and dynamic resolution. XboneX labels its games as 4K Ultra HD instead of native 4K bc many games will not be full native. Microsoft literally explains their definition of 4K Ultra HD as including checkerboard and dynamic which is so hypocritical and shady. They are trying to deceive ppl into thinking if an xboneX game has a 4K Ultra HD label then it's native 4K.

Then they stress that xboneX will be THE place for high powered console VR, but recently in an interview they contradicted that by saying pc was a better platform for VR and that xboneX would not support VR. Also, there was no mention of it at e3 and Spencer was evasive when asked about it.

Spencer has recently said that the Pro is not a competitor to the xboneX and that the X is in another league while the Pro is about the same as the xboneS. Think about this, xboneX is 6tf and Pro is 4.2tf while the xboneS is only 1.3tf. Even a child can figure out that 4.2 is closer to 6 than it is 1.3. It's such absolute rubbish from Spencer, he has said it multiple times.

Do we need to go back and recount the dx12 and cloud propaganda?

Spencer was quoted as saying "pkay the games not the resolution" earlier this gen. He downplayed specs and resolution for 3 years saying that they weren't very important only to be boasting and basing their entire xboneX campaign the very thing the previously downplayed.

There is no reason to lie, spin, and deceive. U can do your job successfully without being disingenuous. Case and point, Shu.

-Foxtrot280d ago

BU BU BUT....He wears a T-Shirt...he's one of us



Warshade280d ago

This is exactly how I feel about everyone who stands on stage at E3 minus Miyamoto lol.

Mithan280d ago (Edited 280d ago )

And they should care about making money, or we wouldn't be getting future console systems from them. Also, looking after fans and consumers IS good sense, but fans and consumers need to realize that as well, and not reward companies for bad decisions.

Bad games do not make money, good games do make money. There are a few outliers that debunk this on both sides, but we can assume through self interest, that Scalebound sucked and they pulled it for that reason.

rainslacker280d ago

Well, at least we know its MS fault now. They're the one's that marketed the game, and they're the one's that raised expectations to levels which couldn't be reached, and they're the one's that didn't provide the resources to meet those expectations that they expected to be there as the producer.

Even if Phil thinks people will eat up what he says, at least it puts this issue to rest. At least in an ideal world that'd be the case.

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OmnislashVer36281d ago

Killed by hype? More like killed by MS.

281d ago
OmnislashVer36281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

The game looked like it was working to me. Maybe MS wasn't contributing enough? Consider Santa Monica spent all gen making God of War, Insomniac spent most of the gen making Spiderman, same with Sucker Punch and their new IP since the games before those two games were released at the beginning of the gen.

MS couldn't stand behind them? Contribute anything? Sony gave Kojima a damn engine, what did MS provide Platinum with but money?

And why did they close Lionhead as well?

And you want to talk delays and incompetence, look at Crackdown which took all gen and got downgraded to look like a PS2 game. Don't point your finger at a developer that has a proven track record.

I hope Kamiya and Platinum use what Scalebound taught them and make a new Drakengard game to shove it in MS's face.

joab777281d ago

Yeah, very strange to throw them under the bus like this, calling their abilities into question.

Septic281d ago

It's hilarious how no one here actually read the article 😂 #4theblind

Ausbo281d ago

If you read more than the title, He blames it on announcing it too early, so yeah MS accepts responsibility for it

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen280d ago

Was Nier Automata made by an incompetent developer?


XanderZane280d ago (Edited 280d ago )

More like killed by PG who couldn't meet the deadlines. Why do you think PG was apologizing to everyone?

Exactly, but biased fanboys will spin a different tale and blame M$ of course. Meantime M$ would continue to loose millions and millions by paying the developers over budget.

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Major_Glitch281d ago

Remember when MS fans were touting Spencer as some brilliant mastermind who was going to lead the Xbox brand to the promised land? Yeah...looks like yet ANOTHER disappointment from team Microsoft.

CaptainObvious878281d ago

Remember when that complete idiot don mattrick got fired and spencer was put in charge.

Most level headed people were saying it was simply for PR to put "gamer phil" in charge because of MS atrocious public image at the time. They were saying Phil was just another suite, but every ms fanboy would deny the claim.

Over the years the evidence has pilled up that he's just another suite. This stupid comment of his is just more evidence of this fact.

MS has never changed, once again they drop support half way through the generation. This is why I will never support them.

343_Guilty_Spark281d ago

You can't even spell 'suit' properly to be taken seriously.

RiPPn281d ago

Yes, because his point had everything to do with spelling and grammar.. or maybe he made valid points that you can't argue so you look for a simple way to dismiss it.

Raiden281d ago

Did someone really compared God of War developers and the time given to them by Sony comparing it to a 3rd party that were given millions and nothing to show for it. More time is more money, was the gaming looking like it was be a seller, was the story line deep enough, there are many ways this game could've been worst and a big flop, money on Development money on publishing and money on ads, that's millions more on a up that might not sell, Phil made judgement call right or wrong he looking down the line, it's sad as I was looking forward to the game, I hope that they do continue to work on it, maybe get 343i create it.

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_-EDMIX-_281d ago


Spencer like "your hype killed it, you wanted new games too much, you KNOW we don't make new game a lot if ever, your fault for wanting new games" - P.Spencer

MrCrabPuss281d ago

Spencer is accountable to more than Spencer.

LackTrue4K281d ago

Will this be the same fate with the Xbox one X?

Ceaser9857361281d ago

I can understand how it feel when an exciting games get cancelled.. But good to know they have renewed the license of the game so it will happen.... Xbox lacks exclusive and MS needs to invest more on that..
I respect this Phil guy he did make Xbox a lot better and prolly one of those reason i got a xbox one and will get the X... I am more of a Playstation guy but i feel xbox is an amazing brand and it needs few new ips ...

Dark_Knightmare2281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

Honestly as a fellow og x1 owner what exactly has Phil done to make Xbox better. He's not invested in any first party studios,he hasn't invested in exclusives,he's cancelled three games and closed down a long time fan favorite studio with lion head and he's backpedaled and flip flopped on so many stances it's hard to keep count anymore. I'm sorry I just don't see how people can treat Phil as some xbox savior I mean is he less shit then the last guy most def but shit is still shit

Ceaser9857361281d ago

dark knightmare

I agree but who knows Phil's hand are tied.. i am more pissed with MS then Xbox division.. MS does all the shit decision making .. I bet its becoz of MS , Phil cant spread his wings in Japan...

RiPPn281d ago

@Dark_Knightmare2, some have given him credit for some of the policies and features implemented like refunds, backward compatibility, cross play, etc. I personally think these things are just a product of competition handing them their behinds.. in a parallel universe where Xbox is leading by over 2 - 1 with a base of 60 million to the competition being under 30 million, do we see any of these things..? We'll never know.

DarXyde281d ago

Actually...I think he knows exactly what he's saying.

It's a matter of if you believe him or not.

joab777281d ago

Yeah. Some of the things he has said this week are very odd.

RiPPn281d ago

This week seems to be Phil's heel turn.. he isn't coming off very well to the community, I even see Xbox fans starting to question their god emperor.

Really it probably has more to do with the amount of damage control they are doing after their poor showing on first party and new IP and badly pricing their new hardware. The odd thing is he usually sends his goons, Nelson and Greenberg, to so his dirty work.. guess he thought he could do a better job..

rainslacker280d ago

Maybe he's giving up on pandering, and secretly trying to present the truth. Possibly a Karmic effect where he has to balance out all the PR spin he has to do to sell the Xbox itself. A game killed by hype? I'm curious where this overwhelming hype was. There were people looking forward to it, but it wasn't like it was one of the most anticipated games out there. I'd say Halo and Gears were more hyped, and some feel they failed to deliver, so why weren't they cancelled?

I'm curious what aspects of the game couldn't be delivered. Wonder how much of that was part of the original design. Wonder what resources were moved to make things happen the way MS promoted it. I still wonder about certain aspects of this, but at the same time, this comment from Spencer is really dumb. Maybe by hype he means that the game couldn't deliver on it's promises or design....which is understandable as it happens, but Phil specifically mentions announcing it too soon, thus it sounds like he's referring to the cancellation being the result of trying to save face. Maybe they didn't want their own "No Mans Sky", and felt the expectations for the game were as high as they were for that game. I think Phil greatly misunderstood just how much hype surrounded this game. It had people interested, but not on the edge of their seats waiting for any bit of info on the game.

EatCrow280d ago (Edited 280d ago )

Brave_Losers is an idiot.

Pressure is real. A team can crack under pressure and it can affect the development cycle.
How many years did it need? Huh? How many? 5? 8? And at what point does it matter if they dont have a solid game? after 3 years? 2?


He is not, he is a liar and a hypocrite but and Idiot? would an Idiot have so many sheep following him blindly?



I just realized Trump is president, Forget my question.

Relientk77280d ago

Put another quarter in the "Stupid things Phil Spencer says" Jar

280d ago
XanderZane280d ago

Jim Ryan is an idiot. A lot of fanboys on here are idiots. *meh*
See, everyone has an opinion on everyone else. No one cares about your opinions or mine.

BG11579280d ago

Phil Spencer hyped this game more then anyone else.
Now, he's saying that hype killed this game ?! No MS killed this game, not hype.

280d ago
Mithan280d ago

Come on. If the game was any good, they would have released it. A few video clips are not indicative of the game's quality.

280d ago
rainslacker280d ago

Seriously. Why make the game to fans expectations. You make a game based on the design documents, then inform the consumer about what they're getting. Sometimes a game does get way too many expectations put on it, and it ends up being a problem, but the expectations for Scalebound were not so hyped up by anyone to such a great degree that I feel it couldn't meet them. Only way it couldn't was if MS misrepresented the product.

Not a whole lot was shown of the game, and most of the official comments about it were fairly vague. People wanted a dragon game from Platinum. What couldn't be achieved with that expectation?

In the end, Scalebound was killed by Spencer or MS in general. Hype had nothing to do with it. That's the dumbest reason to kill a project.

But, lets look at this in perspective. There are people here who say it's P*'s fault this game got cancelled.

What Spencer is saying here is that they failed at the marketing of the game, thus killed it to avoid looking bad. Spencer said MS raised the expectation level so high but didn't know if the studio could achieve the original design document....or was it that they couldn't achieve any changes that MS made? Who's at fault for raising expectations to unreasonable levels, or even marketing a game before you know if the dev can deliver? Or was it that MS kept adding expectations to the design because they promoted things which weren't in the original design, and it got to a point where the dev couldn't deliver.

Guess it's good for the gamers that MS didn't lose face in their screw up I guess.

My God, the stuff coming out of Spencer this week is just laughable. It's like he doesn't realize his hypocrisy, or that he doesn't realize how he just makes MS or himself look incompetent.

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Rimeskeem281d ago

Spencer is quickly proving he doesn't understand anything

Tussin187281d ago

He needs to just quit talking so much. The more he talks the more he digs himself in a hole.

Rude-ro280d ago (Edited 280d ago )

Has to talk because he has nothing to show off.
They truly looked like a company that wants a cut of the market and nothing like game developers.
Two full years of cloud talk was all they had...
Release a powerful console and all they have is forza 6 remastered for the x and stuck a 7 on it.

yeahright2280d ago

@ rude, I dunno about that, I saw them show off a nice looking Porsche.

rainslacker280d ago

Sometimes, silence is golden.

He seems to hell bent on addressing every criticism lobbed at MS, as if all those need to be addressed. I think he needs to take a cue from almost everyone else in the industry and be more reserved in addressing the community.

I applaud him, and even MS execs in general for engaging with the community, but I came to understand a while ago why most devs do not do such a thing. It's because when you engage in the wrong way, or too often, you're going to end up losing.

sk8ofmnd281d ago

I actually thought he was a stand-up guy at first and now im to the point where i cant even stand his smirk face... On the inside its like hes saying "yeah i know im full of shit but ive got a job to do".

SolidGear3281d ago

Yeah I agree. I liked him at first and was hoping he'd turn things around and eventually I'd be interested in owning and Xbox One but here we are and I'm less interested than ever. If anything, Scalebound would've been a reason I'd get one.

UltraNova281d ago

He works for MS for crying out loud..wake up people.

DarXyde281d ago


I think Microsoft just needs another Peter Moore. That dude was aggressive and knew what he was doing.

yeahright2280d ago

Maybe he was, but he has bosses just like the rest of us and they're probably giving him marching orders.

MrCrabPuss280d ago

"yeah i know im full of shit but ive got a job to do". No shit. <--- This is the enchanting side big business, especially when fronting PR to countless idiots who still choke on Lego. Spencer is not the consumer's buddy or pal, uncle or confidant. He's a guy with rules he needs to follow and is required to do under the watchful eye of MS.
Spencer doesnt get to say whatever the f*k he wants out there. Why dont people realize this?

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houyi111280d ago

He understand things just fine. He stated before the cancellation is good for us gamers..Now you see the whole story: 1.we hype the game too much, so 2. he has to cancel the game for our own good... why can you understand this.../s

rainslacker280d ago

Phils comment does reek more of MS trying to save face as opposed to just something good for the gamers. Im not sure how MS looking good is good for the gamers. MS screws up, and we don't get a game because their ego won't allow them to have their own No Man's Sky situation. Seems that's what they were trying to avoid, so threw away millions of dollars, ended up disappointing those excited for it anyways, and mostly walk away unscathed as their fans go on about how P* screwed up, or diverted funds to Nier, or some other such nonsense.

What's sad is this game was Kamiya's dream game. The game he's been building in his head for god knows how long. He was given a chance to make it, and then the IP gets stripped away from him because MS cancelled it. All because MS can't handle how it marketed the game.

MrCrabPuss280d ago

The children blaming Spencer for this decision are the ones who dont understand anything. Its wasnt his decision to make, even a semi conscious drooling idiot should be capable of realizing this fact.

notachance280d ago (Edited 280d ago )

are you an idiot? never been a head figure in a corporation?

Unless MS's heads decide to directly interfere, THE head of xbox division is the one who has the final say. That's what it means to lead a division. Are you seriously thinking that Phil is only a spokeperson for some shadow figures making the decision behind the scene? What are you twelve?

For most occasion, the only thing that's outside your control within a division you're leading is budget. What usually happens is you're given a budget and you're given the freedom to choose what to do with it, all the detailed decision making within must be made or acknowledged by the head.

You think the various MS chief officers or MS's major stakeholders you rabid fanboys so readily blame have the time to chip in and directly override Phil's authority for a mere decision of either continuing to develop a game or not? If you can't see the childishness of that logic you seriously must've never get a glimpse on how the higher corporate position works

Son, if all Phil have to do is parroting orders from higher-ups there's no point in making him a HEAD. That position exists exactly because your so-called 'higher ups' need someone to lead and make decisions regarding that particular division.

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FallenAngel1984281d ago

Spencer still tryin to find reasons for the game's cancellation I see

He becomes even more of a shill with each passing season