Star Wars Games: What Happened?

Let me preface this by saying that the upcoming Battlefront II looks pretty cool. That being said, its existence is indicative of one of the many problems plaguing modern Star Wars games.

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SegaGamer186d ago

EA happened. I knew as soon as they took over we wouldn't get the same Star Wars experiences we got in the past. All we have so far is a reboot from an old series that was, in my opinion, much more enjoyable in the old days than it is now. The only Star Wars games we will get will be cash ins.

MattDavisIP185d ago

SegaGamer I totally agree :(

adaminoregon185d ago

Yep, EA. We used to get many companies making many different games. Now we have EA, and they like to put out a game a year, quality or improvements be damned. Microtransactions here we come.

T2X185d ago

Actually, the SWBF2 looks to be pretty good. I was interested in hearing about the other new story driven SW game, but, I can wait. It looks like they improved on SWBF quite a bit to be honest.