Poll Results on "Buy, Rent, or Trade" are in and the Results Might Surprise You

The results of the "Do You Buy, Rent, or Trade" poll are in, and while the majority of you decided to looky-loo, many of you actually voted. The results might surprise you. Also, TGR welcomes Nintendo DS fans to our little slice life.

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kombo-bgrundman3700d ago

The results seem about right to me. I do a mixture of all three, with an emphasis on trading.

crazy250003700d ago

i only buy certain games on launch now....cod4 at launch was a terrible experience for me, so i wont be buying the next one

i will be getting r2 and maybe lbp, depends on levels/money lol

Pebz3700d ago

The vote is somewhat inconclusive without knowing where the voters are from, seeing as game rental (and trade I suppose) is not available everywhere.

crazy250003700d ago

when i found out about gamefly and its shipping center close by, thats when i started renting

name3700d ago

How do you "only trade" games? Wouldn't you have to buy them first? Or do you steal games then trade them?

Pebz3700d ago

You buy a console bundle, then you trade in the games for new games, and repeat the process with the new games I guess, even if you're still technically buying the bundled games.

I agree that the poll choices are quite silly, should replace "Only" with "Mostly".

gunmetal3700d ago

It's a poll with 24 respondents.

Which means no matter what the results show, any semblance to how the real world actually works is entirely coincidental.

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