P7 is not Alan Wake 2, Says Remedy's Creative Director; Not Ruling Out Possible Sequel

Remedy Entertainment’s Creative Director doesn’t rule out a potential sequel to 2010 thriller but it's not P7.

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571d ago
mcstorm571d ago

Please bring out an Alan wake 2. Even if it's multi platform as for me this was the best game of last gen. Not everyone will agree but for me it was. Loved the story and also the way you were drawn in. Felt alot more scary to play that. The rez games of last gen to.
Looking forward to seeing the next up though liked quantum break just did not get the same buzz as Alan wake and love to see a number 2 of this to but without the real life sceans.

veicht571d ago (Edited 571d ago )

Not the best game of last gen for me but it definitely was something of a surprise hit for me! I too would love to see a sequel and it kills me every time remedy say its not dead but then proceed to not work on it.

mcstorm570d ago

It's each to there own I loved it. But I real hope we get to see a 2nd

krypt1983571d ago

they recently formed 2 teams you can bet your ass alan wake 2 is in development and it will be a open world like they wanted with part 1