1UP Giving Away 2,000 LittleBigPlanet Beta Keys Next Week

More details about 1UP's LittleBigPlanet Beta Key giveaway.

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heyheyhey3678d ago

il be there... i must get one of those 25,000 codes

comm133678d ago

waste of my time and no key, plus I am giving them traffic for nothing.

LinuxGuru3678d ago


This LBP beta stuff is getting on everyone's nerves.

I honestly think all these sites should be forced to give them out the same way, through some kind of automated system.

All these sites trying to get extra accounts and more publicity and then taking forever to fulfill the obligations to the winners is really starting to piss me the hell off.

UltimateIdiot9113678d ago

It should be sent out through Playstation. I bet there are 360 fanboys just getting these beta keys for the hell of it. I bet there are also who just get it for no good reason. If it's sent through Playstation, at least they can verify who has a PSN with a PS3.

PistolPumptMonk3678d ago

yeah it is definitely annoying the way this is being handled, but coming from someone who REALLY wants this LBP beta, I'm gonna do what I have to.

They say jump, I say how high? ;)

thor3678d ago

a bullet in their heads about this.

I'd like to be a part of the beta but I don't want to have to keep checking each and every site, signing up for them just because they're using us and our interest in LBP.

Panthers3678d ago

I am not even trying. I wish they would just send them to PSU members...

EastCoastSB3678d ago

This should be more organized. There are so many being given away, and yet I feel like I have no chance of getting a code.

LinuxGuru3678d ago

Yeah! Whatever happened to that?!

Underground and G.A.P. members used to be worth something in the eyes of Sony Computer Entertainment....but alas, it seems that has changed.

Panthers3678d ago

The game looks great but I am occupied with Socom beta. The new patch fixed a lot and it is so fun now.

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The story is too old to be commented.