Little Nightmares Has a Big Impact

A world warped by a child's perspective, with a remarkable attention to detail.

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146d ago
Einhander1971146d ago

Little nightmares is fantastic, oozes atmosphere, very eerie, love the main character six. The graphics are dark and beautiful at the same time. Unfortunately the majority won't try this gem of a game because it's not regarded as triple A.

robtion146d ago

Agreed. I'm sure you have but if not try Inside. Very similar game and also fantastic.

Einhander1971145d ago

Haven't played inside but will definitely buy. If it's anywhere as good as LNM. Thanks:)

robtion140d ago

I think I can guarantee you will like Inside if you enjoyed Little Nightmares. As much as I love Little Nightmares, Inside is even better.

Let me know if you play it. I would be interested in your thoughts ;)