LittleBigPlanet Meets Line Rider

GameXtract writes "If you ever find yourself bored with a PC chances are that you will eventually try and play a mini game of sorts. This is usually the deal when I'm stuck with a crappy laptop that I've recently figured out can handle Spore (YES!). Asides from that one hot mini game these days has been line rider. A mini game on the internet in which you create a track for your lifeless character, and he goes all out on it with no brakes or controls. With similar creativity, Media Molecule took a very close approach and fused the two game elements together to create a nifty level. While the actual level name is not known we think line rider level is good enough. In the background one guy watching it claims it to be a rip off the mini game. It's not a ripoff, its just a creation that has been inspired by the mini game! Gosh! Video after the jump!"

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CursedBubbleEater3554d ago

I am the CursedBubbleEater, whoever comments below me, without saying,"I LOVE LBP" first, will be taken a bubble.

The CursedBubbleEater

mattkelly19913554d ago

How could they even say "its an obvious rip off." i mean, same concept, but line rider isn't exactly like rocket science.

jwatt3554d ago

I LOVE LBP and I seen this video already but it looks cool.