TotallyPS3: Little Big Planet European Beta - Hands on

Owning a Playstation 3 has been a bit like having a surly lodger sitting under the television, sharing your home but providing little entertainment other than showing the odd movie in lovely High Definition, or amazingly even providing momentary distractions with a couple of good games.

Here's where the reviewer, pans to camera slowly in the style of Jeremy Clarkson, gruffs up his voice as much as possible and says dramatically…


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Panthers3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Well I dont agree with the opening of this article

I dont have the beta so post your impressions! I want to know what it is like!

Liquid Dust3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Agree with you there my friend, 8 hours straight on it last night, killer time. people are coming up with some hilarious scenes for their user created levels, although somewhat lacking polish and mostly rocket car/sled/boat/snowmobile/skate board crazy, but hey we've only had the tools for a couple days.

Drekken3736d ago

This game is way too much fun. I could play for hours and this is only a SMALL section of the game.

the tools and items given to us are very limited. I like the way you have to play through the game and find things in order to get all of the cool items to build a board. I found the star and got a bunch of stuff, but I could not find the horse seal sticker. Anyone know where to find this?

TANOD3736d ago

Game of the millenium rather

XXXCouture3736d ago

how 'bout Game of All Time?

Drekken3736d ago

What a joke. PS3 Has kept me busy, entertained, and satisfied with my purchase.

I dont understand how the dolt that wrote this article can start off like that. What exclusive games has the 360 had so far?? I know PS3 has had many exclusives I have enjoyed and multiplatform games too.

I agree this game is GREATNESS on a Bluray, but he sure sounds like a fanboy opening like that.

Beast_Master3736d ago

I have the PS3 and Wii. The Wii collects dust while my PS3 is dominated by COD4 at the moment. I mean I beat Hev Sword, Lair and Orange Box the first week, I went back and got my trophies for Uncharted, but Really until MGS4 came out there wasn't a whole lot I was playing other than COD4, (throw in GTA4 for 2 weeks). Now come October my library will go from 7 games to 20. And that is what I have been waiting for, putting my fanaticism for Sony aside, I think we have all been waiting for that exclusive game that keeps us playing for months. (Note I don't have Warhawk)

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