Samba + Wiimotes = lame game

"Here's how this was supposed to work," writes the Globe & Mail, "Samba de Amigo, a terrific maraca shaking, Latin music-themed rhythm game that was effectively condemned to obscurity because it had been developed solely for the doomed Dreamcast, would finally step into the limelight with a remake for Nintendo's phenomenally popular Wii system. The icing on top was that players would be able to use the Wii's own motion sensitive controllers, eliminating the need to pony up for pricey maraca peripherals.

Alas, it doesn't seem to be panning out this way. Of course, we won't know until the sales numbers roll in and gamers start lighting up forums with their thoughts, but I spent about three hours with the new Samba de Amigo on Tuesday night and came away without much in the way of warm fuzzies..."

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M_Prime3529d ago

wow.. i expected better from the globe and mail..

"Samba uses onscreen cues to direct players in shaking their maracas above their heads, at their wastes, and down by their knees."

I never knew you had to shake them by some garbage.. nice grammer check there buddy.. WAISTS not WASTES

though not exactly a game i wanted.. so i'm not that sad to be honest.. but also after a bit of practice i'm sure you can do all the shakes without thinking about it

Feemee3529d ago

Good catch on "wastes," though in the spirit of fair play, you spelled "grammar" with an "e". Ironic, no? Especially given the misspelled word...