Will Mad Catz' Bankruptcy Make Razer and Corsair The Uncontested Rulers in Game Peripherals?

With Mad Catz no longer in the picture, will Razer and Corsair grab even more of the market? Can anyone contest the dominance of these two gaming peripheral behemoths?

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pressjudge620d ago

It is a definite huge loss to the gaming community

GOODKylePP619d ago

I remember when I first got a Mad Catz wireless PS2 controller :(

Zriley56619d ago

I don't remember my madcatz experiences super fondly to be honest. I was always sad when I got stuck with that controller over the official one during multiplayer lol

Lyleboffin619d ago

I can't stand Razer. I'll honestly miss Mad Catz, it was a big part of my childhood

Urist619d ago

I never really used them to be honest, i tended to stick with the official stuff if I could get it, always hated using the "non official" controllers when I played with my brother, always felt off somehow