Siliconera: Hands On Inazuma Eleven's Random Soccer Battles

Siliconera writes: "In Level 5's soccer RPG soccer matches can occur anywhere. Kids from other sport clubs challenge Mamoru Endou's,team to bite sized battles while you're peacefully walking on the map. There are two kinds of random encounters in Inazuma Eleven. Each one has a different path to victory. If you start with the ball you need to score a goal to win. If the other team has the ball all you need to do is steal it.

During random encounters you don't have a full team to control. Only four players, Mamoru and the three others snaking behind him, are playable. This design choice is probably done to simplify and speed up the random encounters. Unlike real soccer matches, Inazuma Eleven's random soccer fights can be completed in a few minutes. Before a match begins you're given an opportunity to run and avoid the embarrassment of losing to another team. For me and my limited time with Inazuma Eleven running was not an option."

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