Celebrate the 20th anniversary of Resident Evil in style with the Super Bundle on Xbox One

Neil writes "It all started 20 years ago, but in that time Capcom have taken Resident Evil to hell and back, providing some of the most talked about moments in recent gaming history. It may not have all been great, but the vast majority of what they have produced is well worth a playthrough...and today that playthrough gets a lot more exciting as the Super Bundle arrives. Although it's no longer as cheap as it once was."

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oKidUKo431d ago

Why the bloomin heck has the price gone up then? Wasnt it 16 quid?

SlyBoogie1993431d ago

All Resi games in one bundle, not a bad way to start if you're new to the series but bit late coming for fans.

Jollyk431d ago

It's a good deal but the is one massive gap in the list of games, RE2 and RE3, personally some of the best ones from the series. RE2 is and was my favorite until 7 came out in January.

DarthMoose431d ago

Re2 is also my fav. I'm dying to see something for re2make. Even a screen shot would be welcome .