Game Freak searching for staffer who can create models on the level of Wii U and PS Vita

Pokemon developer Game Freak is currently searching for a motion modeler.

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Antnee534271d ago

Maybe they are hiring for pokemon stars later this year ;)

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory270d ago

No. To early for a third game.
They are going to skip that go straight to Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Remake. For it's 10 year anniversary.

Antnee534270d ago

Well thats what is most likely happen for the 3ds, if anything happens it will be a pokemon channel or pokemon mystery dungeon

-Foxtrot271d ago

I'd kill for a Pokemon open world game similar to Ni No Kuni.

porkChop270d ago

Bruh. Holy shit, yes. Ni No Kuni was great, and it always made me think about a big Pokemon game in that style.

Outside_ofthe_Box270d ago

Yup! Game Freak/Nintendo needs to make it happen. I've been waiting for a Pokemon game like that for years.

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andrewsquall269d ago

Or even Final Fantasy VII. Been asking for that since 1997 lol. Its never even come a tiny bit close in 20 years.

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andrewsquall269d ago

Even PS2 levels would be a step up from the N64 looking Pokemon games lol.