10 Awful Console Launch Games

We look back at some of the worst console launch titles of all time. A new console is just days away!

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Kribwalker626d ago

Perfect Dark Zero was a great launch game that definitely doesn't deserve to be on this list. I played that game daily until ghost recon came out in march.

phoenixwing626d ago

I agree with you only because the multiplayer is really fun on that game. Didn't touch the single player so don't know how that is. Kinda only played it because of a friends 360

Kribwalker626d ago

Yeah I played the multiplayer a lot on that game. It was awesome. 16 on 16 online multiplayer in huge maps, it was a blast

DualWielding626d ago

I think 1-2 Switch will be worse than all of those

626d ago