NiOh Adding High Difficulty Missions, PvP Soon; More DLC Outlined

"Have you been playing the brutally tough NiOh from Team Ninja the past couple weeks? Have you beaten the game yet and want more content? Well more content is on the way soon as Team Ninja has announced some near future plans for the game."

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Majin-vegeta512d ago

Man I want that damn poster!!

Looks like the 2nd DLC will be Yukimura Sanada related

Andreas-Sword512d ago

I hope also for Yukimura Sanada.
Masamune Date DLC is also very nice.

Majin-vegeta512d ago

Well Seeing as the 2nd DLC will be Titled "Japan's Best Soldier".
It's only natural it's referring to Yukimura

morganfell512d ago

Considering the game I want Masamura DLC...

Andreas-Sword512d ago

Here is a current news about the first Nioh DLC:

morganfell510d ago

I saw that but I want Masamura DLC. I am a student of Eishen Ryu Iaido. Have been for over two decades. The very idea of a Masamura blade is written all over this game. definitely something they should create. I think some persons less familiar with the history of Japanese Swordsmiths wouldn't understand why I want DLC featuring blades created by man who was said to made a deal with demons for the skill in creating swords. It is stated his weapons were made with "hammer blows from the heart of darkness."

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VsAssassin512d ago

My local game store gave me a Nioh poster along with the game. Looking at it on the wall gives you this empowering feeling!

Majin-vegeta512d ago

What?No way can u upload a picture?

VsAssassin512d ago

Here's a link to the pic:

Sorry for the reflection and the blurry note. :)

starchild512d ago

"Have you been playing the brutally tough NiOh from Team Ninja the past couple weeks?"

Yep, and I freaking love it.

"Have you beaten the game yet and want more content?"

I haven't beaten it yet, but of course I would love more Nioh content. I hope they're thinking about a full sequel too.

feraldrgn512d ago

More for me to dive into when I get it.
Good good.

ShadowKnight512d ago (Edited 512d ago )

The final two boss is so difficult I had to cheat a little bit and use the tornado bird tailman and grenades I actually rely on that a lot. This game is way harder than Dark Souls and Bloodborne imo

SpinalRemains138512d ago

Man I'm trying to get through the game so I can download and play Sniper Elite 3, and they're adding more stuff to Nioh. complain of wealth.

joab777512d ago

It's about time they made this game a bit more difficult lol!

Majin-vegeta512d ago

I wish they would add the first beta mechanics as an option gameplay wise.

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