Halo Wars 2 Review: A Step Forward for Console RTS - Two Left Sticks

Halo Wars 2 builds on its predecessor with solid mechanics, diverse gameplay, and a fun new approach to a strategy game type.

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Player3Podcast462d ago

Excited to see that people think the game is solid. I'll definitely need to check it out.

NinjaSqrl462d ago

It's an easy jumping-in point for someone new to RTS and an enjoyable game for those experienced in the genre.

nowitzki2004462d ago

More people need to play RTS games. Most will say its not their type of game... I used to think that but was lucky to have friends who have played Command and Conquer back in the day. Its one of the best gaming genres. im glad Halo Wars makes it easy to get into, because It can be too much to handle in the beginning.

462d ago
NinjaSqrl462d ago

A definite improvement on the original. And Blitz mode is a blast!

Player3Podcast462d ago

I've heard that it's a good, frenetic game type.

ian86462d ago (Edited 462d ago )

Yeah it's great to see a console RTS be successful for once. Think the last time such a thing happened that I enjoyed was the old Army Men RTS on the PS2.

NinjaSqrl462d ago

Although I have issues with the unit cap, I think keeping the armies small helps to force the game in that more strategic direction in some ways.

Player3Podcast462d ago

Holy cow! I forgot that Army Men RTS existed. I spent a lot of hours playing that game.

nowitzki2004462d ago

Last gen had Halo Wars 1 and Middle Earth which I remember being good.

NinjaSqrl462d ago

I never actually played Middle Earth. I love LotR, though, so I may have to go back and revisit it.

Fishy Fingers462d ago

There is a great LoTR mod for Total War:Attila that's worth checking out if you have a PC.

MKUltra462d ago

I've always had a tough time getting into RTSs. This seems a bit more accessible though. It's also cool to see how this game builds on the Halo lore.

Player3Podcast462d ago

That's the bridge for me. The Halo lore would cover over some of the issues I think playing on a gamepad would present.

NinjaSqrl462d ago

I do enjoy all of the stories we get out of the Halo universe.

Skaymore462d ago

I really need to get into an RTS

NinjaSqrl462d ago

This is an easy one to get into.

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