GameCyte: Life With PlayStation Impressions

GameCyte Writes:

"To top it all off, the simple lack of a zoom function makes the Remote Play functionality laughable. The PSP remote play, to its credit, does everything it ought to do: Using your PSP, you can connect to the PS3 directly or via the internet, boot up your PS3 and start Life with PlayStation, getting the full functionality of both Folding and LIVE CHANNEL right there on your PSP screen. The program's extremely simple interface means nothing is lost on the PSP, you can still cruise the globe, see your (non-forecast) weather, and see the "live" city images and news. Sadly, if the news was difficult to read on the PS3, it is utterly illegible on the PSP. The lack of a zoom function here causes the dirty, pixellated, tiny news copy to be unreadable by human eyes. That is not hyperbole - I challenge anybody to call up a Life with PlayStation news story on their PSP and read through it. The light grey blobs that qualify as the transmitted text aren't going to be terribly informative, I think."

"As a tech demo for PS3/PSP cross-functionality, Life with PlayStation's Remote Play is fairly neat. It's just that there's only one possible reason to use it, and that's if you're not home but you want to fire up your PS3 to make sure you're using the system's downtime for Folding. If you want to check the news and weather on your PSP, it has a web browser, with zoom functions. Use that."

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kapedkrusader3658d ago

...but the guy makes some seriuosly good points. Hopefully, Sony will correct these issues with an updated version of LwP soon.