Video Interview with Frank Pearce by AusGamers

AusGamers have just posted their Games Convention 2008 interview with Frank Pearce. It has a quite bad sound, but contains interesting comments by the Executive Vice President of Product Development, and also co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment.

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Dorjan3712d ago

Every bit of Starcraft 2 info I hear makes me want it more and more!!

Thanks for this!

Leord3712d ago

Yeah, well, you are not wrong!

Maticus3712d ago

Still hoping for beta launch at BlizzCon ^ ^

Leord3712d ago

Not sure about it. I'm certainly hopeful. The level of polish Blizzard has on even their pre-alpha stuff is so good you get blinded by it....

Leord3712d ago

I'm mostly surprised by the clear answer to the MMO Question. A Resounding NO, and implying they don't want to make it...

kalos3712d ago

Frank Pearce....he's been getting tons of interviews recently yet he has unique stuff to say.