This Console Generation is Boring

This console generation is boring based on the fact that there are so little in exclusive content and innovation is severely lacking, with Microsoft lagging behind this year.

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Darklink28313d ago

I really hope this year picks up. we need it. horizon and zelda will hold me over, and hopefully red dead does come out, but i find myself playing older gen games more often than not.

darthv72313d ago

you and me both. I have been filling my time with games from generations past as well. Every generation has them but so far this one has really taken the cake. I'm talking about the three R's: remake, reboot and remaster. At least there is the huge increase in indie games but even those are starting to feel stale with side scrolling 8bit and 16 bit retro style games.

freshslicepizza313d ago

this is why there is some excitement for the switch and vr technology, many of us want something 'different'. problem is there is always caveats to it. nintendo makes fun games and some things sound cool like the hd rumble but then they dont give good specs, so its another half step measure. vr will get better but as of now the software is limited and some of the technology still needs a ways to go (wireless, better performance on some, prices to come down on some).

Sparta07313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

@ darth, how can you be bored this gen when you haven't even jumped in?
Correct me if I'm wrong but I could of sworn you don't have an PS4 or a xboxone.
Not unless you recently got one or the other.
I'm pleased with this gen. Not. Bored at all. This year alone ( and it just started) been amazing many great games that come and coming out in the next few months.
This person is out of their minds!

DeadlyOreo313d ago

Moldy Bread

I always find it funny how the majority of people who say anything negative about VR like "it's not ready", or "better performance on some" are just salty they can't play VR on their Xbox Ones.

And yep, that's definitely you.

freshslicepizza313d ago

@DeadlyOreo2m ago
"I always find it funny how the majority of people who say anything negative about VR like "it's not ready", or "better performance on some" are just salty they can't play VR on their Xbox Ones.
And yep, that's definitely you."

i would need an xbox one first. last time i checked the pc has a few options, so what exactly did you poorly attempt to counter with what i said?

BizarroUltraman6313d ago


Moldy is a PC gamer so why would he be salty about not having VR on Xbox One. Seems to me you just like hating on Xbox even when its not the topic. Moldy didnt even mention Xbox in his comment.

Lol...Moldy actually has the two best VR options available in the market to choose from, Rift and Vive.

agent4532313d ago

Do you play on PC because if so check out these games:

Hand of Fate
Gianna Sisters Twisted Dreams
To the moon
Dread Out
Offworld Trading Company
Planet Coaster
Cities Skylines
Cook, Serve, Delicious
Blue Flamingo
Crimson Clover
Path of Exile

candystop313d ago


So now Xbox fans are jealous? I swear the hate is real for some of you people.

darthv72313d ago

@sparta, no worries mate. I snagged a ps4 and xb1 within a month of each other just this past november.

2nd hand on both but still... im in the 8th gen with all 3.

S2Killinit313d ago

Not so boring if you have a PS4

Sparta07313d ago

Awesome! Welcome to next Gen!!! 👍🏻

freshslicepizza313d ago

"Do you play on PC because if so check out these games:

Hand of Fate
Gianna Sisters Twisted Dreams
To the moon
Dread Out
Offworld Trading Company
Planet Coaster
Cities Skylines
Cook, Serve, Delicious
Blue Flamingo
Crimson Clover
Path of Exil"

thanks for the list, i have cook serve which is fun with friend, path of exile, cities skyline, stellaris (have is in my steam account but havent played it yet), offworld, didnt like gianna. illl check out the others.

Utalkin2me313d ago (Edited 313d ago )


So if you only play PC games? Why are you always in console articles trolling? For something i dont have or care about i usually skip it.

XanderZane312d ago

Why do these opinion pieces keep getting posted? I think Morgan needs a new life. lol!! I really haven't been bored at all this gen. Had a blast playing great games like Bloodborne, Uncharted 4, Forza Horizon 3, Halo 5, Gears 4, Titanfall 2, Doom, Mad Max, Mario Kart 8, Splatoon, Sunset Overdrive, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Ori and the Blind Forest, Dishonored, NBA 2K17 and a bunch of other titles. This guy needs to quit gaming if he's bored with all of these titles.

BG11579312d ago

Wait, you're a nintendo fan, right ?

WelcomeToTheFamily312d ago

Yet there is tons of AAA games coming out this year.

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Overload313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

This site has come classic articles.

The Nintendo Switch Will Have The Best Launch Lineup Ever

Uncharted is a Fraud

Video Game Culture HQ - 2016 GOTY


Are you sure it's not just disappointing because it hasn't been going the way you wanted in to be going?

thorstein313d ago

If he's bored, then he's boring.

Not our problem. I'm having a blast.

kenwonobi313d ago

Yep. Translation: my preferred console is not doing good. So I'm bored. Well prefer another console. 😂

Silly gameAr313d ago

That's kind of what I was thinking.

xer0313d ago

He's probably playing on xbox one - that's why he's bored.

Razzer313d ago

LOL. wow. Thanks for the laugh.

morganfell312d ago

@Overload and Thorstein,

Thank you. That site has shown its colors time and again. As for Thorstein's remarks, yep. I am having a hell of a time and all signs point to the roller coaster picking up speed.

XanderZane312d ago

Well the Wii U is pretty much dead. So if that was his only console of choice, I can understand his boredom. Anything else, he shouldn't be bored at all.

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Soc5313d ago

yup, me too, luckily I'm playing Witcher 3, just got it this Christmas and that is making up for it, another thing though I am really surprised about is the complete lack of advancement of AI in games. Its basically the same it has been for the last ten years or more.

oof46313d ago

It's a difficult balance because if you make AI too hard, then the game won't be fun.

TankCrossing313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

@oof46 Good AI and challenging AI are completely different things. He's talking about more sophisticated, convincing, lifelike behaviours.

Diffraction_Fos312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

When big companies know they can make tons of money by "remastering" their older games and/or creating sequels that don't innovate in any way other than continuing the same storyline, there isn't really an incentive for them to work hard on something a lot of gamers overlook in favor of visuals and interactive cut-scenes.

Soc5312d ago

two people don't want better AI i guess lol.

Yes, exactly, I meant more sophisticated AI, it's 2016 and we don't have any games with interesting AI that you can interact with or have novel experiences with. AI as it is now is just something that takes cover as you shoot at it and it doesn't even do that well!!

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XanderZane313d ago

Can't wait for RDR2. Looking forward to Horizon: ZD and Days Gone as well. Hope there are more new IP's for my XB1 as well.

WeAreLegion313d ago

Are you being serious? Gravity Rush 2, Resident Evil VII, and Yakuza 0 just came out.

notachance313d ago

he only has xb1 that's why

XanderZane312d ago

Most likely a Wii U. Every one I know who has an XB1 are not bored in the least. I'm not bored of it and play almost every day. Haven't played the Wii U in a couple of months. Need new games. Anyone who went with a Ouya, Steam Box or Wii U might definitely be bored by now. If you have a PS4, XB1 or gaming PC, you should be golden.

moegooner88313d ago

We can see your website uploads history. Rubbish is an understatement, might wanna start over again

notachance313d ago

just buy a ps4, imagining having one isn't the same as really having it.

and it's kinda lame to first-comment your own post isn't it.

SR388313d ago

My Switch with Zelda and a few other games will be great, I play alot of GameCube, Wii and PS2 latley :) ... Just want a new Metroid and F-Zero!

Muzikguy313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

I'm usually one to say that boring people get bored. No different here. Not to start flaming other consoles, but I've got a PS4 and I've not been bored at all. I can't even find the time to play all the games I own, let alone ones I want to get. There are so many coming out this year. Maybe if they're that bored they should go live a little. Life isn't only about vidya gaemz

(If I had a WiiU or X1 though I'd probably be bored with this gen too. Not trolling, that's the truth)

C_Ali88312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

I have 'em all and this gen is nothing to write home about... Honestly....

Major_Glitch313d ago

This generation is boring? Not for PlayStation 4 owners. We have more games, REAL exclusives, and better looking multi-plats. Plus, while other console makers are busy focusing on stupid gimmicks like motion control, bc, or "cloud Powerz," Sony remains focused on what really matters: GAMES.

C_Ali88312d ago

ps4 owner here.....BORED... speak only for yourself.

Major_Glitch312d ago (Edited 312d ago ) The people that ACTUALLY own a PS4 HAVE GAMES. You being bored is your fault. Speak for your boring self.

LordMaim313d ago

I do not accept the premise of your article. Overload has demonstrated that you have some clear bias issues, and you've made some pretty sweeping generalizations that support that assessment.

You might be bored. Don't think that you speak for the rest of us.

Dlacy13g312d ago

this year is one month old...lets not make it sound like we are months into the year already.

Deadpooled312d ago

Clearly trollbait, surprised this got approved.

SolidGear3312d ago

Yeah, BioShock: The Collection was one of four game purchases that I made on day one last year.

txboy05312d ago

Wow you must have a ton of time on your hands or no games cause my backlog is still ridiculous. Oh well keep playing those 360 games lol

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AntonyMatthews313d ago

But you're forgetting about all of those totally cool remasters and ports!

Darklink28313d ago

those things drive me crazy. some are warranted but most are weak cash-ins.

Spike20XX313d ago

except when they go on sale for 5 bucks or 10 bucks.

_-EDMIX-_313d ago

Perspective buddy.

All are made for cash.

Its warranted upon your purchase based on YOU, it is subjective. Sorry but you can't just pick what you personally like or didn't play, then deem the rest "'weak cash-ins".

So warranted when you say so for all, but "weak cash-ins" when you don't think it should exist?


Get over yourself bud. Don't like it, don't play it, but start focusing on what you want to play, not others. That is just irrelevant to the point.

What other titles are "weak cash-ins" master? Seems like you hold control over the entire community oh wise one... lol

nitus10313d ago

It depends on the remasters and ports.

I just recently got Dark Souls 2 on special for my PS4 which is a fairly old game (11 March 2014) and is multiplatform but it runs at 60 fps and there is a big difference between playing games like this at 60 fps to 30 fps.

BTW. I have Dark Souls 1 for my PS3 and although I don't think DS2 is as good (subjective) it is still a very enjoyable game. I actually held off buying DS2 for the PS3 since I knew I was going to get a PS4 after I had finished some of my PS3 backlogs.

IAmLoki313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

Zelda Breath of the WILD and Mario Odyssey will be two amazing games coming out this year that will be enough to entertain me until next year. Zelda with its massive gorgeous world and its solid action adventure game play is enough to keep me busy for the entire summer until Mario comes out. In addition to those two masterpieces, around the launch of Mario is Microsoft's Scorpio, which I am anticipating alongside the console will be the launch of Crackdown, Forza 7, a new Perfect Dark game, a new IP, and Voodoo Vince Remastered. 2017 will be remembered as one of the best years of gaming since 2009-2010.

Darklink28313d ago

I hope Microsoft has a good showing. I Just look at the list of games coming out this year for them that have been confirmed and its a little depressing. I love my xb1 but I just don't want to put the money down for a new console tbh.

XanderZane312d ago

You may want to just quit gaming now. Over 1000 games on XB1 alone. More then 100 more coming in 2017. You the only one bored.

BizarroUltraman6313d ago

I know Scorpio is coming 2017 but Im looking forward to 2018 for that particular console as developers get used to it.

Stogz313d ago

Better get prepared to be disappointed then. Crackdown and Forza are almost guaranteed, but a new IP, new perfect dark at launch? No way.

Bathyj313d ago

BS. How many great games have we played this gen? How many are coming out in the first three months of this year? Boring?

Maybe the games media (and certain gamers) are just jaded. Go play a round of golf, take a break. Come back and remember why gaming is so awesome.

darthv72313d ago

"How many..." not as many as last gen. hell I'm still finding games to play from last gen on ps3 and 360.

Darklink28313d ago

I've actually gone back to my PS3. so many good games on there...

fenome313d ago

Yeah, but they released 10-11 years ago so they've got their complete libraries to choose from. This gen is just starting to get into its groove.

NapalmSanctuary313d ago

@ Fenome

On year 4, bro... year 4. I agree that this year looks pretty good between the ps4 and the Switch, but the first year and a half of the PS2 puts this entire gen to shame. This gen should have been getting into its groove 2 years ago.

buttcheeks313d ago

No shihh dude it has over eight year of games the ps3 and 360 were not drowning in games the first three years

fenome313d ago (Edited 313d ago )


I hear you man, but I think it's just really starting to pop off. I agree that it's taken its time to get here, but I think it's about to steam roll.

I've had some really great experiences so far this gen and I'm anxious to see what else they can do with it. Here's hoping for a crazy ass E3 on all sides of the fence.

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Bathyj313d ago

Well Im very satisfied. People sugarcoat their memories and act like all the classic games last gen came in the first couple of years but they didnt. And we've already got a lot of great games this and more to come.

Like I said, people are just jaded and should take a break if they feel that way.

darthv72313d ago

I've been taking a break... playing older games while i 'patiently' wait for newer ones to come out. did you know that each generation since the PS1 we have had two GT games per platform within that platforms time frame.
PS1: GT1 & 2
PS2: GT3 & 4
PS3: GT5 & 6
PS4:.... still waiting on the first let alone if we will get a second in this gen.

that is just one example of how this gen seems to be dragging its feet when it comes to the games people are used to getting. This gen is already half (maybe more than half) over and the only things I have to really look forward to are God of War 4, horizon and the eventual release of GT Sport (not even calling it GT7???)

I'm not jaded, I'm just anxious and itching for those AAA games that are taking their sweet ass time to get here. And this hardware is supposed to be easier to develop for than the PS3.... go figure.

Darklink28313d ago

We're already like 3 years into this generation and honestly there's not a ton to show for it, though there are gems hidden away.

Rodney25313d ago

Couldn't agree more. Everyone likes to complain. I have a huge back catalog of games, but if the game isn't a 10/10 masterpiece, then it's not worth playing.

NapalmSanctuary313d ago

"People sugarcoat their memories"

Speak for yourself. Some people actually like and prefer the things they say they like and prefer.