A Just Introspective

A look at the Just Cause series, the good and the bad.

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eastx522d ago

Nice write-up! I'd love to see screenshots to break up the text and provide some visual punch.

crazychris4124522d ago

3rd game has a horrible world. It was just too big and boring. There were few places that are memorable unlike JC2 that was stacked with fun and unique places.

sirultimos522d ago

Agreed. The second game had the best world by far (and was the best game, too).

Injusticewarrior522d ago

The missions and "story" were better in 3.
I do agree, the second seems like the best of the three, but I enjoyed my time with all of them.

crazychris4124522d ago

Multiplayer mod on PC does bring out some hidden gems though. Never went to Boom Island and I barely spent any time at an airfield in the 3rd game. But its still not as good as JC2 with the mile high club, cities, airport, racetrack and satellite bowl.