Activision Pulls TMNT, Fast & Furious Games from Digital Marketplaces

Activision has pulled five games from digital storefronts, including a pair of Spider-Man games, a pair of TMNT games, and a Fast & Furious game.

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lodossrage686d ago

Since it's not just Spider-man, it may not be a simple case of franchise rights moving to another publisher. Fast and the Furious and TMNT aren't owned by Marvel/ Disney.

Activision may simply be trying to push away from licensed franchise products

gamer7804686d ago (Edited 686d ago )

also the 2 worst ninja turtles games ever made, the recent nickelodeon games, atleast those had some of the charm of the tv series and old style tmnt games.

Cmv38686d ago

Spider man taking down because of the new one. These taken down because they are utter garbage.

lodossrage686d ago

Spider-man isn't being taken down because of the new one coming up. It's being taken down because just like TMNT and Fast & Furious, they are no longer willing to pay the digital licenses on most of their franchise products.

SirCharles686d ago

And nothing of value was lost

686d ago
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