Rumor: Beyond Good & Evil 2 Switch exclusive for 12 months, Rayman Legends Q2, Mario/Rabbids name

Laura Kate Dale, who has been reporting accurate Switch rumors even before the system was announced, has published a new set of Switch rumors pertaining specifically to Ubisoft.

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Relientk77631d ago (Edited 631d ago )

I hope Beyond Good and Evil 2 is only a timed exclusive and not a full exclusive. Then I'll just wait

Overload631d ago

I keep going back and forth on my interest in the Switch. If I do lose interest, this is great news.

freshslicepizza630d ago

So when the ps4 gets exclusives it's a good thing as it defines the system but if a game is exclusive on another system then we hope it's only timed?

OK I got it now.

Nintendo does need to be more aggressive with getting third party and this game has been rumored for a number of years for Nintendo. I also expect another Bayonetta

Stogz630d ago

@moldybread yeah dude, every single exclusive defines the system...nobody has ever said this for every exclusive. You're reaching, as usual, to post something negative about ps4. As you do in every thread, then you complain about others doing it.

mikeslemonade630d ago (Edited 630d ago )

They gonna gimp the potential of Beyond Good and Evil 2. Just like how Bayonetta 2 was meh.

The hardware is weaker. It's like making a PS3 game right timed exclusive and then it comes out for PS4 later. So both sides lose.

NewMonday630d ago

getting the Switch so I'm fine with this

but Ubisoft better not complain about bad sales and dump the franchise again

DashArrivals630d ago

I am exactly the same way. But I think I will most definitely pick one up, but I'll wait for a price drop. Only because I still have so many current gen games to play in my backlog as it is... and it's getter bigger and bigger. Like, I don't actually need the Switch.

MRMagoo123630d ago


the chances of a price drop are very slim with Nintendo

pietro1212630d ago


What are you talking about? Bayonetta 2 topped the first title and most Action games before it gameplay wise (with the exception of Ninja Gaiden Black and Devil May Cry 3). The Wii U's hardware didn't hold that game back.

mikeslemonade630d ago

Bayonetta 2 is overrated. That game doesn't deserve a higher score than Bayonetta 1. B1 is more memorable. B2 more samey and repetitive. B2 did nothing to push the genre forward, mainly due to the WiiU hardware.

light69630d ago

Lmao talk about being ignorant. Bayonetta 2 improved on the first in many things, it's clear that you're just being picky because it was exclusive to the Wii U. Wii U still did wonderes for the games and the game ran great on it, aside from that I don't see why it being on the Wii U didn't push the genre... seriously that's a poor excuse for an argument..

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deafdani631d ago

Most likely timed exclusive. Look at Zombi U and Rayman Legends.

Apex13630d ago

They were not timed and came to other systems as wii u didn't sell well

deafdani630d ago

@a_adji: Rayman Legends was initially announced as a Wii U exclusive. A bit later it was announced as a multi-platform simultaneous release, with the Wii U version getting delayed as a result.

Zombi U was 100% a timed exclusive. It was available initially exclusively on Wii U, then it was ported over to PS4 and Xbox One a couple years later. That's the definition of timed exclusivity.

This is why I used those examples. Looking at past Ubisoft titles, BG&E is most likely a timed exclusive for Switch at best.

pcz630d ago

a rabbid/mario mashup is going to be crap. mario doesnt need rabbid rabbit. ubisoft are getting more out of it than nintendo. unless the deal was that mario was forced to be in a rabbid game for nintendo to secure ubisoft software exclusivity.

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_-EDMIX-_631d ago

Likely timed.

If I was Nintendo I would be worrying about spending that money on in-house development on their own intellectual properties.

Last generation lots of people questioned why Sony didn't pay to try to get Grand Theft Auto or Final Fantasy or Tekken or a large number of series and I think they sort of showed that it was more important for them to purchase Studios like Guerrilla games, media molecules Sucker Punch, evolution what have you then to keep spending it on timed Games especially if it wasn't going to do them any good simply being timed.

I think this is a good move to get them a title that is popular but I think this is only a good move if they're also actually actively looking to purchase teams to bring in new consumers because it is very shameful what has been happening to Nintendo as of late because they've been treating their consumers like garbage for the past 10 years. Smh

I still stand by my original comment that there is no reason why Sony is producing more new intellectual properties and purchased more new development teams then Nintendo despite Nintendo selling more Hardware than Sony last generation.

No reason at all.

Splatoon is a great start but I believe they need at least five to six more titles that are brand new just like that to bring in new consumers. People have already made up their minds on Mario and Zelda and other popular franchises but what good did that do the Wii U? What good did that do the 3DS?

You can't hate what you don't know you can't form an opinion on a game that is brand new or a series that you've never played so I believe it's best that they start to change their image and start producing more brand new intellectual properties. Nothing is wrong with Zelda or Mario but they need new too.

Gemmol630d ago

You not putting your eyes in the right perspective, all of Nintendo first party sell more than Sony first party its why 3rd party make games for Sony and Xbox because there is no Nintendo to compete with on consoles, on handhelds its a different story they hoped on Sony handheld to win twice so they have no choice but to support Nintendo handheld.........look at Vg chartz numbers you will see in the top 10 best selling games for ps4 you would see Sony take up the bottom spots.

Nintendo on the other hand don't get that issue, and here is other credible sources to back my information......theres an article posted on this website from Sony Ceo saying only 4 out of 10 Sony games sell, which back up everything I said........

And since Sony have that issue, they are force to end new IP that sell........if the new God Of War don't sell it will be the next franchise they end.......last God Of War game didn't sell well so they reboot it

_-EDMIX-_630d ago

@gemm- "all of Nintendo first party sell more than Sony first party its why 3rd party make games for Sony and Xbox because there is no Nintendo to compete with on consoles"

Except that doesn't explain third party game selling poorly on the platform that simply explains why first-party sells really well...

Also third parties for many generations didn't have a reason to create games on Nintendo Hardware if they weren't going to be up to par in regards to specs or if the games would sell less etc

Games generally sell slightly less in regards to first-party from Microsoft and Sony because there's a greater amount of competition.

That's like saying you have a television channel that only has three programs and one of them has absurdly high ratings.

It might not be because it's an amazing show it might Simply Be because lack of other shows...

I think Nintendo makes amazing first-party games don't get me wrong but I believe one of the biggest reasons behind the bazaar sales ratio is because of the lack of other titles to purchase on their platforms in the first place.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have a ridiculous abundance of games so much to the point where the sales will be evenly be spread out you're not going to have this awkward situation with a first-party game is selling a bizarre amount simply because there's more strict competition on PlayStation 4 Xbox One and PC.

Also I have no clue what you're talking about but to my understanding the new God of War game is actually not a reboot that's actually coming from the director themselves, lol I also don't know how you know what isn't selling well for Sony since technically that varies from company to company clearly it's sold well enough for a sequel to actually exist in the first place..

Sorry but regardless of the sale ratio of Nintendo games it is very clear that their Hardware is selling less and I don't even see a reason to debate them bringing in brand new games you should be in favor of Nintendo creating new content...


I couldnt care less about that sequel to Beyond good and evil, but for those who do, I hope its timed exclusive so it won't end up abandoned in console jail like Bayonetta 2 did.

Princess_Pilfer630d ago

CEMU says hi. Give it maybe 6 months.

Princess_Pilfer630d ago

It's already playable people. I could go buy the disk right now, put it in my PC and play the game, it's just that the sound doesn't work. If you disagree you're just being stupid.

blackblades630d ago

If true, they're trying to take a slice of the temporary exclusive pie. Also they probably would have time to increase the quality for the other systems.

RosweeSon630d ago

If it's Ubisoft it'll be timed if even worth the paper it's written on. Wii U was getting an exclusive Rayman that went multiplatform delayed on Wii U until all the other versions were ready. Even Zombii U went multiplat in the end ;)

TheOptimist630d ago

Ubisoft is all about money, they'll make it multiplat, no worries, they have to earn money

ChickeyCantor630d ago

> Switch exclusive for 12 months

I mean I dont speak chinese, but the wording is clear.

feraldrgn630d ago

I agree, if it's exclusive to the Switch it just means I'll miss out on BG&E2, because I'm not buying a new console I don't like the look of for 1 game.

oasdada630d ago

I hope its not an exclusive at all.. would want to play it ASAP.. hope its more in line with the first one and not something like an assasins creed/watchdogs/farcry with the name slapped on it

wonderfulmonkeyman630d ago (Edited 629d ago )

Why? For all you know, it could get much more besides that which will interest you, so why be dead set on waiting?

Taking history as the conclusive deciding factor of the present's future, despite differences in the here and now that deviate from past mistakes, just means that you are stuck in the past.
Everything about the Switch points towards it doing better than the Wii U.
It's only the cynical Sony/Microsoft only owners that are convinced the Switch will fail.

TheUndertaker85630d ago

And for all you know it could go the route of Wii U and numerous other Nintendo products. That at least is based on factual history involving Nintendo.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen630d ago

Rumor? More like made up nonsense.

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Mr-Dude631d ago

Great for Nintendo, but for me personally not. I have been waiting more than a decade for this game. After the Wiiu I will wait and see how the Switch will be supported. But if this game is a (timed) exclusive, Ubisoft can stick it in their hole where the sun doesn't shine.

_-EDMIX-_631d ago

I don't think you should worry about the switches support because with the switch being there portable and Home console that's going to get all their support, more support than they've ever given to any device.

Consider that this is going to have all their development teams, something that neither the 3DS nor wii u actually got.

Concertoine630d ago

See your first point is why i supported the hybrid console concept. It really is the solution to all their drought problems.

But recently they said they are developing a 3ds successor as well, so we have to keep that in mind.

Mr-Dude630d ago (Edited 630d ago )

I am someone who doesn't care about games like Mario or Pokemon. I enjoy Zelda, Xenoblade, RPG games. So my choices are limited on Nintendo. I really hope the switch will have good third party support, because otherwise I will wait at least a year. But, I hope they will blow me away the 12th of januari. Otherwise I will stick with my PS4 and PC only.

_-EDMIX-_630d ago

@con- I don't know about them creating any brand new handheld.


Not saying you're incorrect simply that this is brand new to me. I personally think it's an extremely bad idea to continue fragmenting their Market the only thing I'm really interested about this which is that it's the first time Nintendo is pouring 100% of their teams on one platform.

If they are indeed making another handheld I just don't even know if I'm going to purchase the switch if they're just going to be juggling support between two platforms once again.

I might simply wait for whatever their 3DS successor is if they are indeed doing this simply because that is likely going to get lots of their support.

Me purchasing a switch might simply depend on whether or not they actually intend on supporting the switch 100%.

sk8ofmnd630d ago

Third party support wont be their problem... Getting nintendo fans to buy third partys in huge #s will be. Nintendo fanbase historically dont buy nearly as much third partys as first partys. Esp games that were on other systems months and years prior. If the switch gets third partys day and date as other consoles but dont sell nearly as much for whatever reason, that will be a big problem. Anything from 50-200k will be a real problem and that to me would be the third party killer more than anything. Most gamers that have a wiiu but wanted to play third partys most likely got a ps4 or xb1 to do so.

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ProjectVulcan630d ago

Beyond Good and Evil was not a big seller though. critically it was a success and it's a superb game, commercially it was a major failure.

Nintendo need big selling commercially successful exclusives which will shift machines. Beyond Good and Evil 2 wouldn't likely be that. It's got a cult following to this day and did ok on a remaster but it's not going to shift 1 million copies on launch day like Nintendo really need a game to.

Moonman631d ago

Whoever tells this Laura Dale lady this information obviously wants her to leak She is not the "keep a secret" type. LOL

If this is true, it seems like a good exclusive for Switch (timed). The Q2 release date is nice. If true...

sk8ofmnd630d ago (Edited 630d ago )

Its only a good third party if it sells well. Being a new system and a game thats not super popular it could sell peanuts. Thats nintendos biggest hurdle to prove. At the end of the day it wont be can nintendo get third partys day and date as others, its can it sell those games to consumers at a amount that justifys more third party support. If it sells a laughable 100k or less it wont matter what games come to the switch or wjat exclusives.

little-witch631d ago

That would be quite stupid, because Ubisoft would be recreating Bayonetta 2 and Rise Of The Tombraider crapstorms. A lot of people wouldn't even bother a year later...

deafdani631d ago (Edited 631d ago )

I don't think the comparison between Bayo 2 and ROTTR is accurate. Bayo 2 wouldn't have happened without Nintendo, period. Platinum Games has openly stated many times that Nintendo was the only company that wanted to publish that game.

ROTTR, on the other hand, could have, and should have, happened without Microsoft's backing. There's a very stark difference in popularity between both IP's, and a even bigger difference in budgetary capabilities between Platinum Games and Square freakin' Enix...

_-EDMIX-_630d ago


I don't always believe any of the things that companies say when something is timed simply because when they are under contract they're going to say anything, but in the situation of Bayonetta 2 all you need to know is how the game originally performed on PlayStation 3 and 360 and how conservative Sega is to definitely believe that in all likelihood that was the situation.

sk8ofmnd630d ago (Edited 630d ago )

But what does work is wondering what sales of dark souls 3 comming almost a year later on switch when rrotr a year later with sonys massive instal base sold peanuts. How well do you think ds3 will sell on a console starting with zero instal base?

_-EDMIX-_630d ago

Who knows, it truthfully depends on the situation.

Tomb Raider being the most questionable simply because the PlayStation 4 have a respectable install base that it would make sense to just make it multi-platform and I never believed that Square Enix was in a bad situation and couldn't afford it.

Sega on the other hand is a pretty conservative publisher I very much believe that Sega very much was probably not going to produce Bayonetta 2, they simply didn't have the funds or didn't see it profitable to produce another title.

I believe it's very likely that Sega could bring over Bayonetta 2 to different platforms if they felt just considering that they own the intellectual property, they just simply don't feel they're going to make a respectable return.

Because of those situations I don't necessarily believe that Ubisoft would put themselves in the same situation as they very much could afford to bring Beyond Good & Evil 2 to multiple platforms, but at the same time because of the cost of development we don't really know just how Wild that games development has been. For all we know Ubisoft is open to having it timed for a year for some of the development paid for.

@deaf- I completely agree with that statement. Because of the wild popularity of Tomb Raider and Microsoft being sort of known to go after timed games I believe it's likely they approached Square.

Bayonetta did not do as good for Sega as they projected and I believe it is 100% in the realm of possibility with how conservative Sega is that it would likely was never going to happen without Nintendo flipping the bill and agreeing to publish.

I actually simply believe it's not on PlayStation 4 and Xbox one because Sega doesn't think it'll be profitable despite them owning the intellectual property

TheProfessional630d ago

Edmix I have to ask, do you really think that anyone cares enough about your opinion to read pages and pages of your comments? You're the same guy who posted paragraph after paragraph about how star wars battlefront is a flawless game just because it sold well and you own a copy. Please learn how to state an opinion without taking over the comments section. Thanks!

jaymacx630d ago

No.. because tomb raider was always on PlayStation and ticked off the fans.. and Bayonetta 2 only got made because of Nintendo stepping in and paying the costs of development .BGE fits with the type of games Nintendo owners buy. Exclusives always tick people off if you don't wanna buy the hardware to play it.. but most ppl always use exclusives in their argument of who has the better console.

Erik7357630d ago

Well I guess they will just have to be spiteful and not play a good game.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory630d ago

Bayonetta 2 sold way better on a system with 13m userbase than two system with a combined userbase over 160m.
Bayonetta 2 sold better than Bayonetta on PS3/X360.

_-EDMIX-_630d ago


Bayonetta 2 to my understanding sold 1 million.

The first Bayonetta on PlayStation 3 alone sold more than 1 million which means that it's actually impossible for the second game to have outsold the first..

To my understanding I think the 360 version actually outsold the PlayStation 3 version...

Sooooo no.

I have no clue where you heard Bayonetta 2 sold better than the first game.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory630d ago

13m Users on Wii U vs combined 160m users for both PS3/X360.

Bayonetta 2 sold better to Wii U owners than Bayonetta did for those system

rjason12630d ago (Edited 630d ago )


Otaku is talking about ratio of software compared to hardware sales.

@darkfist if they cared so much part two would be on PlayStation.

Darkfist_Flames630d ago (Edited 630d ago )

Im pretty sure that the user base doesnt matter that much when the wiiu fan base doesnt care much about the game , i mean that 13 million user base yet took 3 years and many discounts to reach 1 million, if it was released on ps4 with a 4 million users base it couldv passed 1 million in 1 month at 60$ price, which Bayonetta 1 did on PS3/X360 and that was when many games released at the same month. that just show that more people cared about Bayonetta on PS3/X360 than wiiu.

they cared enough to skip most of the games to buy Bayonetta 1 when it was released at that month, cant say the same with wiiu(Bayonetta 2 was the only major game released at that month), and im sure money wasnt the problem(looks at amiibo sales)

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sk8ofmnd630d ago

Very true. Look how well rottr sold on sonys massive instal base a year later.

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maybelovehate631d ago

Rayman Legends is one of the greatest games of all time, but I am ready for a brand new Rayman game.