The Eye of Judgment Set 3 expansion pack arrives in October writes:"Just got a quick email to say that the Set 3 expansion pack for The Eye of Judgment will arrive on the 16th of October 2008. The following will be included in the expansion"

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DrWan3450d ago

I just bought this game, please support Trophy!

DrWan3450d ago

I just bought this game for 20 bones

hunter213450d ago

wow its good to know that this game is still on.

MAGNUM-RAM3450d ago

my 11 year old son & I play a few rounds every chance we get!

The elven rider is a tricky card! I'm in the market for some decks &
definatly gonna pick up this expansion.

Mana release!!!

mperdomo3450d ago

the game is pretty good but why cant konami release a yugioh game like this one? it will totally buy that!!