Yoshida: Sony Will Be "More Cautious" Announcing Release Dates; Talks Learning From Mistakes & More

During a panel at PlayStation Experience in Anaheim, presented by Sony Interactive Entertainment, Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida mentioned a few interesting details about upcoming games, and the PlayStation ecosystem in general.

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Nyxus738d ago

Announcing release dates at a later date when they are more certain sounds good, but I do hope they keep announcing games relatively early because I like to know about them in advance and learn more about them while waiting for the game to come out.

Kryptix738d ago

I remember it was gaming magazines, in particular for me, Game Informer, that told me about upcoming games, especially those that are very early in development, with the release date TBA.

I actually don't mind not showing a date or an exact date for those games. As to me, the feeling of reading a game in progress is almost exact, but instead of just pictures with a description for me to imagine, I can really see a little "sneak peek" in video form. That right there really covers so many things, even for a short video as I can really absorb the environment, the motion, the progress of the engine in use for facial expression, and so on.

I'm sure that there are people who would rather see the game revealed a year or half a year before release date, but for trusted developers like Naughty Dog or Kojima, who you know can deliver what is being seen and at most times better, it's a treat to get that insider type look and be excited for that huge upcoming project.

I get itchy and scratchy, yea, when a game with it's title revealed is confirmed in the works, but we get nothing. I'm looking at you Mass Effect: Andromeda, with those, "EA: The New Mass Effect is Looking Sick So Far!" articles. Still, I'm glad that that game is meeting what they were initially hyping it up to be.

Nobody can hate that TLoU 2 preview, that's real talk and I'm glad Sony is taking that pre-caution not to release dates early. Let it be done when it's ready, but I also don't mind a delay to make it better as new cool ideas or improvements are always welcomed.

UCForce738d ago

Yeah, it is something that I want.

Muzikguy738d ago (Edited 738d ago )

I actually would like them to not announce games too early. I like to know what's coming and all but I'm not big on looking too much into games. I hate ruining surprises and feel like the experience is much more enjoyable when I don't know much about the games. This also keeps my expectations in check and hype low

They really should be more cautious about announcing dates. Strange they wait until now to feel this way

Antnee534738d ago

See that's why you see the initial trailer then keep away from the subject I did An awesome job on not spoiling anything for myself with ff15

Muzikguy738d ago

I do that. It's just most people b!tch and moan until they hear more info and then ruin the game. I don't read into that stuff. FFXV I was on media blackout. Same with MGSV. Will be for Death Stranding and RE7 and Horizon Zero Dawn too

Thatguy-310738d ago

The thing I've noticed specifically with Sony games is that they announce a game with no release date but as time goes by they update us through the process of it with devs diaries and what not.

wsoutlaw87737d ago

I like how they are handling it and it makes sense. I would like a rough estimate on games like the last of us pt2. If they said something like "early 2018" or something along those lines, we would know more about what to expect

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Hoffmann738d ago (Edited 738d ago )

Its easy.

Just try to announce new games 12 months before they launch, not 2+ years before we can play a game :-)

Nyxus738d ago

Nah, I'd prefer to know a bit longer in advance, it's nice to stay updated over the years and look forward to the game. Following the game industry for years I've learned to wait and be patient, and it makes it all the more special when you can finally play the game.

rezzah738d ago

I agree, I don't attach every minute of my life to a single reveal and bits of information.

I enjoy it and move on until it releases.

Nitrowolf2738d ago

The issue with that is developers don't know what can happen in those 12 months because while yes they do have titles that don't have a release date the ones that do typically end up getting delayed

game4funz738d ago

That isn't an issue. That's acceptable.
What is unacceptable is announced no a game 2+ years before it will be released...thats like a strip tease without getting anything else... Youre left blue balled.

_-EDMIX-_738d ago

@game- his point is still valid how do you know it will be complete in 12 months after its announcement?

Games are dynamic, anything could change in those 12 months.

You guys are also asking a company to hold on to a release date iron clad come hell or high water.


You cannot simply predict when a piece of software will be done or a year out. The development cycle is dynamic for a reason things change often.

Lots of game companies one more time to Market their game and that's up to them especially considering new intellectual property.

game4funz738d ago

Yes this is much more like it... Who wants know about a game and how great it will be but then wait 2+ years to play.

I'm a gamer. I want to know about a game and then play the game.

Here's an idea... Wait to announce a year before release or 6months.

_-EDMIX-_738d ago

Easy? For who? That's pretty risky financially you're not talking about small budget titles here, games that could cost up to 80 million.

In a perfect world, sure...

Let's stick to reality here, not many can risk their whole business doing that.

Muzikguy738d ago

Why not announce a game like FF Versus 13? That way they come out 10 years later! 😄

That's a joke btw

Tumaras738d ago

Yep, and there are plenty of examples where super-long lead times were a mistake now to know that to be the case. No Man's Sky is the most recent one, but there are plenty of others. These long-lead times for marketing started with some really big movie releases like Star Wars Eps 1-3 where they started doing a year out (which before then it was usually 3 months lead time at most). And studios started doing it for all sorts of even more middle-of-the-pack movies. Somewhere along the line it crossed over into games, and stretched to 2+ years lead time.

It doesn't build hype to do release news that far out. In fact it's actually a huge negative because expectations end up being set impossibly high. Also, game direction changes during development which can lead to major fan disappointment when a feature planned/promised earlier in development ends up getting cut. Again, NMS is the poster child for that. Or maybe even gfx are toned down from early release trailers to reach console framerate minimums (ex. Watch Dogs, The Division).

6 months is plenty enough to build hype for pre-orders, show a game at E3 and be out that year or holiday season. Maybe a year max if it's a game out the following Spring. More than a year out, and they shouldn't be marketing it yet. In fact they're better off not telling the competition what they are working on and have planned. Because competitors will time DLC or other game releases on top of them just to crush their sales. Blizz did that to both Guild Wars 2 with wow patch content, and to Battleborn with Overwatch content and free weekends.

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-Foxtrot738d ago

Why not just announce them 6 months before launch for already established IPs and 12 months for brand new IPs

So the already existing IP would be shown off at E3 for a holiday release and then the brand new IP would be announced at the PSX the previous year.

I mean did you see the hype when that Fireflies logo appeared on the Stop sign in the Last of Us Part II trailer. People knew straight away what it was and I'm sure people would be able to get hyped with limited footage in 5-6 months.

Gaming_Cousin738d ago

I personally would love a release on the same day it is announced therefore there would be zero spoilers and zero bias from fanboys, reviewers, haters, die hard fans etc. But this is something that is highly improbable since no major AAA game has tried it. Imagine the hype that would come out of Playstation Experience if they announce The Last of Us II and then have it available on that day. People would go nuts.

Outside_ofthe_Box738d ago

Would never happen because of the amount of money you'll miss out on had you announced it several months earlier and gave it a marketing push.

Only way I can see something like this happening is with a publisher that doesn't care about money or with a developer that publishes their own game and has the popularity to still move a million units without marketing at all.

Would be cool if it happened though.

_-EDMIX-_738d ago

Lol no.

If a company wants to Market their property long-term to gauge interest for investors, that's up to them, this is an expensive Hobby.

You seriously think a lot of companies are eager to risk their entire company on a game being marketed for six months?

Are you insane? People kept asking what the division was even months prior to its release... people were even still confused that it was an MMO. Yet you want 1 year?

Ummmm no. Developing games is just too expensive to ever seriously think that makes sense financially for any company. you're asking them to risk a significant amount simply because you're impatient

Yokan738d ago

Wow, for once, I agree with you.

PhoenixUp738d ago

Except PS4 gets so many games so often compared to its competion that it doesn't really matter much to me. When you're getting oodles of games to play through every month I can tolerate if a newly announced title is a long ways off.

It only really affects me if there's a noticeable drought on the system.

Nyxus738d ago

I feel the same way. As long as there's always enough to play, I don't see the problem.

Aloy-Boyfriend738d ago (Edited 738d ago )

That is how it should be and had been until Fallout 4 suddenly made everyone anxious about this. When Sony did it with LBP3 no one cared enough.

game4funz738d ago

No. The problem was evident... And fallout 4 just proved it was possible to all those gamers who thought announcing games 2+ years before release is ridiculous.

_-EDMIX-_738d ago

@game- no that simply proved Bethesda can released fallout that way.

Fallout 4 still released with bugs

Three years before release its simply reality for some games, some companies do not have the finances to Simply keep a game secret through its development they need to have a long-term marketing push.

game4funz738d ago

Competition has nothing to do with these great games.... Who cares about the competition when it comes to releasing games.

The competition is other games not platforms.

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Hallgeir738d ago

Horizon Zero Dawn is one of my most anticipated games for next year, but theres one thing that concerns me. The game is suppose to release in late february/ early march but I just saw the panel on psx where Yoshida attended talking bout the show andre their big games. And when Colin asks if their confident in the release date for Horizon, IT appears that hes kinda avoiding to confirm it, he answers in the lines of: " All I can say is that its av beautiful game and he loves third person action games and likes the rpg aspect and is looking forward to when the game releases. Maybe im putting too much into this but it has me worried, why not just confirm it? I smell another delay, Hope im wrong tho

ThatGuyDart738d ago

They would have delayed it before PSX if GG needed more time.

poppinslops738d ago

You think so? Sony/GG already delayed the game from 2016, so the odds of them announcing another delay before the 1st of Jan are low... that said, I always suspected Feb 2017 was simply the furthest they could push Horizon without appearing disingenuous with regards to it's initial release window, so whilst I wouldn't be at all surprised by another delay, I figure they'll wait until early Jan before announcing it - April/May would be my guess.

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