GTA “Clones” – Why Similar Games Don’t Hurt Sales

Here’s why Watch_Dogs, Mafia 3 and Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition didn’t put a dent in GTA’s sales.

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detroitmademe386d ago (Edited 386d ago )

Because they can't touch gta's awesomeness. Most games similar to gta has some feature that gets pushed hard but at the end of the day gta just has to much quality, detail and content. A couple standout features can't beat a game that has state of the art quality overall, across the board . Not to mention how popular gta is, but the reason gta is so popular is because it's games usually are at the top from a fun and quality standpoint

SlyBoogie1993386d ago

How about because of the time if year they release? Christmas is close and people start shopping about now for that, games like these often pickup after the festive season

WheatBread386d ago

Because the other games don't have as much content as gta.