Laptop Mag: Peek Review

Laptop Mag writes: "Smart phones, such as the Apple iPhone or BlackBerry Curve, put so much functionality into one device that, for the novice user, just figuring out how to set up e-mail can be a daunting task. Enter the Peek, a device that does e-mail and nothing more. It's aimed at users who don't want or need the sophistication of a smart phone-or the contracts that come with them. If you are willing to carry around two devices, the $99.95 Peek is simple and sleek, and its $19.95-per-month fee for data isn't a bad deal. However, this Version 1.0 device has some drawbacks."


* Thin, stylish design
* Simple interface
* Breezy setup process
* Very comfortable keyboard


* No Wi-Fi
* Uncomfortable scroll wheel
* Cannot search e-mails
* Attachment support limited to photos

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-Neon-3598d ago

No wi-fi tut tut tut..