Playing with The Dark Knight

A little bit about the special edition Dark Knight Xbox360.

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Hellsvacancy3567d ago

Its a shame u cant watch The Dark Knight in hi-def on the 360 ilmao....

BlackRaven853566d ago

Actually, you can just wait until it comes out on XBL Marketplace.

kspraydad3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

You DO know that XBL Marketplace is compressed to hell right? It (and PSN too) is no where near comparable to BD.

Nathaniel_Drake3566d ago

If you want to utilize that 7.1 true HD surround sound, I'm sorry you need the blu-ray disk

Killjoy30003566d ago

This honestly seems like a Playstaion SKU. Shouldn't 360 get like, Hulk or something?

Cheeseknight283566d ago

How on earth is this news? It's a guy who's obsessed over the Dark Knight and he got a Dark Knight 360. So what?