OXM Online: Facebreaker Review

Unfortunately, the same simplicity of play that makes FaceBreaker instantly accessible also saps its longevity. The A.I. goons you fight adhere to their transparently canned sequences too strictly to be much fun after the opening hours. You'll get ground into hamburger initially, but recognize a pattern and you'll suddenly steamroll the chump in 20 seconds. Only occasionally does play find a balance between these extremes.

On the other hand, FaceBreaker delivers fast online brawls, and the constant back-and-forth of counters, stuns, and outrageous signature moves yields a surprising amount of room for strategy and style. As tiresome as solo scuffles become, exciting multiplayer bouts against unpredictable humans save FaceBreaker from a TKO.

* Excellent online battles that are fluid and fast.
* Over-the-top comic violence and ludicrous special attacks.

* A.I. is either intensely frustrating or ridiculously easy, which kills solo play.

* Where's Fight Night Round 3?!

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