Halo 3: ODST… 7 Years Later - An Exercise In Chaotic Development

COG's own Lucas “CuHnadian” Raycevick breaks down Halo’s first post-trilogy game in the form of ODST; standalone expansion pack turned full price product.

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Bismarn849d ago

Ah ODST. Like playing a Superman game but you don't have any powers and aren't bulletproof. But you still have to fight 3 Doomsdays at once.

DasTier849d ago

The stupidest thing is that if you go back to the game now and compare the Rookie to Master Chief in combat on Legendary, the Rookie can actually take more damage before dying... That was something that always bugged me,

But 4 of us splitting up to go find data logs was pretty cool.

XXanderXX849d ago

I want a re-mastered or I want a ODST games based on some mission that takes place after Halo Wars 2