Top 10 Beautiful Video Game Covers - Gaming Thoughts

Chalgyr's Game Room writes:

We all like lists - top five or top ten on a variety of topics. Well, we have a new one to share. Selling this list is going to be a difficult job. Compiling it wasn't exactly a cinch, either. One should never give a graphic designer the job of compiling a top 10, or 50, of movie posters, game covers, or album sleeves, because they get easily offended by the thousands of tropes and clichés they have to sort through. I know this to be true because I got offended pretty fast, and also because I like to go around claiming to be a competent graphic designer. Great covers are a-plenty; bad ones even more so. Tackling either would've been laughably easy - in fact, PY and I even cracked our knuckles with the latter - but we like a good challenge once a-while; as such, PY and I decided to go with drop-dead beautiful covers that seem to exist in a league of their own. Imagine my surprise when more just an expected couple of strikingly gorgeous covers propped up left and right... and before I knew it I had quickly finished my top 10, with nearly 50 honorable mentions eating away at my conscious. What followed next was hours and hours of staring at covers and endless comparisons late into the night. My tea-stained shirt serves as proof - image upon request.

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