Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster discounted to below $15 on PS4

Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster has been discounted to $14.88 on PS4.

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X-Ender-XI778d ago

Bit pricey for something so poor.

Myst-Vearn778d ago

not as poor as your comment!

X-Ender-XI778d ago

Did you actually play X-2?

They should be giving that rubbish away for free.

inveni0778d ago

I didn't play X-2, but I loved X. In fact, it's the only FF game I've ever liked, though I have only played X, XII, XIII demo, XV demo.

bangoskank778d ago

Couldn' make it through one sitting of X-2 but did like X a lot at the time. It's been so long. I'm wondering if it's worth playing through again knowing what happens in the end.

shinoff2183778d ago

Its been 15 brand new at walmart for two months.

Rebel_Scum778d ago

Its $30 on AU/NZ PS Store. That is some BS pricing right there.

joab777778d ago

I wish they'd just send you a code.