ORION developer admits game ripping weapon art content from Call of Duty, fires 3D artist

Developer David James has issued a new statement about the battle between Activision and Spiral Games regarding the unauthorised/illegal use of weapon art content from Call of Duty games. According to James, Spiral Games’ 3D artist did actually rip some content from the Call of Duty games, and a resolution has been reached.

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Null1980894d ago

Do they actually think they're going to get away with it? What was the point?

ninsigma894d ago

Well duh. That was blatantly obvious.

Relientk77894d ago (Edited 894d ago )

Why would you steal from another developer? So stupid.

Ultr893d ago (Edited 893d ago )

Well shitty for the people that were working without copying blatantly...